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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Jun-2013Spatial and Temporal Electric Vehicle Demand Forecasting in Central LondonAcha Izquierdo, S; Van Dam, KH; Shah, N;
8-Mar-2016Discriminant incoherent component analysisGeorgakis, C; Panagakis, Y; Pantic, M;
21-Feb-2016CASK - Open-source custom architectures for sparse kernelsGrigoras, P; Burovskiy, P; Luk, W; , et al
13-Mar-2016A scalable dataflow accelerator for real time onboard hyperspectral image classificationWang, S; Niu, X; Ma, N; Luk, W; Leong, P, et al
29-Aug-2016Variation in structure and process of care in traumatic brain injury: Provider profiles of European Neurotrauma Centers participating in the CENTER-TBI studyCnossen, MC; Polinder, S; Lingsma, HF; Maas, AIR; Menon, D, et al
29-Oct-2016The correlation between ZDDP tribofilm morphology and the microstructure of steelJelita Rydel, J; Pagkalis, K; Kadiric, A; Rivera-Díaz-del-Castillo, PEJ; , et al
5-May-2015Biosensing platform combining label-free and labelled analysis using Bloch surface wavesDanz, N; Sinibaldi, A; Munzert, P; Anopchenko, O; Förster, E, et al
13-May-2016Verifying Security Properties in Unbounded Multiagent SystemsBoureanu, I; Kouvaros, P; Lomuscio, A; , et al
12-Mar-2016Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Closed Queueing Network Demands from Queue Length DataWang, W; Casale, G; Ajay Kattepur; Manoj Nambiar;
30-Nov-2015Resonant tunnelling features in a suspended silicon nanowire single-hole transistorLlobet, J; Krali, E; Wang, C; Arbiol, J; Jones, ME, et al