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1-Apr-2016A Bioreactor to Apply Multimodal Physical Stimuli to Cultured CellsEdelmann, JC; Jones, L; Peyronnet, R; Lu, L; Kohl, P, et al
11-Feb-2016A broad overview and review of CRISPR-Cas technology and stem cellsWaddington, SN; Privolizzi, R; Karda, R; O'Neill, HC
1-Jun-2018A case report of the clinical effect of CTO recanalisation on iFR in the donor arteryAhmad, Y; Al-Lamee, R; Davies, J; Sen, S
1-Jan-2019A case series on cardiac and skeletal involvement in two families with PRKAG2 mutationsSri, A; Daubeney, P; Prasad, S; Baksi, J; Kinali, M, et al
5-Oct-2017A Cell-Free Biosensor for Detecting Quorum Sensing Molecules in P. aeruginosa-Infected Respiratory Samples.Wen, KY; Cameron, L; Chappell, J; Jensen, K; Bell, DJ, et al
4-Apr-2017A cohort study reveals myocarditis to be a rare and life-threatening presentation of large vessel vasculitisBechman, K; Gopalan, D; Nihoyannopoulos, P; Mason, JC; National Institute for Health Research, et al
18-Aug-2015A combined clinical and biomarker approach to predict diuretic response in acute heart failureTer Maaten, JM; Valente, MA; Metra, M; Bruno, N; O'Connor, CM, et al
1-Oct-2013A common biological basis of obesity and nicotine addictionThorgeirsson, TE; Gudbjartsson, DF; Sulem, P; Besenbacher, S; Styrkarsdottir, U, et al
24-Mar-2009A common variant in chromosome 9p21 associated with coronary artery disease in Asian Indians.Maitra, A; Dash, D; John, S; Sannappa, PR; Das, AP, et al
9-Apr-2015A Comparison of Genome-Wide DNA Methylation Patterns between Different Vascular Tissues from Patients with Coronary Heart DiseaseNazarenko, MS; Markov, AV; Lebedev, IN; Freidin, MB; Sleptcov, AA, et al
8-Mar-2018A comparison of smartphone and paper data collection tools in the Burden of Obstructive Lung Disease (BOLD) study in Gezira state, SudanAhmed, R; Robinson, R; Elsony, A; Thomson, R; Squire, SB, et al
17-Aug-2016A comparison of the impact of morning or night delivery of antihypertensive agents on 24 hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABMP) levels: a randomised cross-over trialPoulter, NR; Anjum, A; Cross, M; Falaschetti, E; Savopoulos, C, et al
1-Sep-2018A comparison of two molecular methods for diagnosing leptospirosis from three different sample types in patients presenting with fever in LaosWoods, K; Nic-Fhogartaigh, C; Arnold, C; Boutthasavong, L; Phuklia, W, et al
28-Mar-2017A Comprehensive Evaluation of Nasal and Bronchial Cytokines and Chemokines Following Experimental Rhinovirus Infection in Allergic Asthma: Increased Interferons (IFN-γ and IFN-λ) and Type 2 Inflammation (IL-5 and IL-13)Tunstall, T; Kon, OM; Bartlett, N; Hansel, TT; Johnston, SL, et al
29-May-2018A computational framework for complex disease stratification from multiple large-scale datasetsDe Meulder, B; Lefaudeux, D; Bansal, AT; Mazein, A; Chaiboonchoe, A, et al
30-Nov-2016A conducting polymer with enhanced electronic stability applied in cardiac modelsMawad, D; Mansfield, C; Lauto, A; Perbellini, F; Nelson, G, et al
31-Dec-2016A cost-effectiveness analysis of nintedanib in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis in the UKRinciog, C; Watkins, M; Chang, S; Maher, TM; LeReun, C, et al
27-Nov-2018A CRISPR–Cas9-triggered strand displacement amplification method for ultrasensitive DNA detectionZhou, W; Hu, L; Ying, L; Zhao, Z; Chu, PK, et al
19-Oct-2016A critical role for IRF5 in regulating allergic airway inflammationByrne, AJ; Weiss, M; Mathie, SA; Walker, S; Eames, HL, et al
30-Jun-2015A cross-sectional imaging study to identify organs at risk of thermal injury during renal artery sympathetic denervationPatel, HC; Otero, S; Moser, JB; Heyward, C; Rosen, SD, et al
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 21 to 40 of 4636