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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Sep-2016Central sleep apnoea: to treat or not to treat?Cowie, MR; Imperial College Trust; ResMed Ltd; Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust
31-Aug-2016Mechanisms underlying increased mortality risk in patients with heart failure and reduced ejection fraction randomly assigned to adaptive servoventilation in the SERVE-HF study: results of a secondary multistate modelling analysisEulenburg, C; Wegscheider, K; Woehrle, H; Angermann, C; D'Ortho, MP, et al
22-Jul-2015Modeling in vivo interactions of engineered nanoparticles in the pulmonary alveolar lining fluidMukherjee, D; Porter, A; Ryan, M; Schwander, S; Chung, KF, et al
10-Jul-2017Personalizing Risk Stratification for Sudden Death in Dilated Cardiomyopathy: The Past, Present, and FutureHalliday, BP; Cleland, JGF; Goldberger, JJ; Prasad, SK; Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust, et al
2-Mar-2017Adult onset asthma and interaction between genes and active tobacco smoking: The GABRIEL consortiumVonk, JM; Scholtens, S; Postma, DS; Moffatt, MF; Jarvis, D, et al
1-Jun-2018Congenital titinopathy: comprehensive characterisation and pathogenic insightsOates, EC; Jones, KJ; Donkervoort, S; Charlton, A; Brammah, S, et al
1-Jun-2018Computational study of aortic hemodynamics for patients with an abnormal aortic valve: the importance of secondary flow at the ascending aorta inletXu, XY; Pirola, S; Jarral, O; O'Regan, D; Asimakopoulos, G, et al
29-Aug-2017Metal worker’s lung; spatial association with Mycobacterium aviumMoffatt, MF; Cullinan, P; James, PL; Cannon, J; Barber, C, et al
1-May-2017Blood Eosinophils and response to maintenance COPD treatment: data from the FLAME trialRoche, N; Chapman, KR; Vogelmeier, CF; Herth, FJ; Thach, C, et al
6-Jul-2017Declining risk of sudden death in heart failureShen, L; Jhund, PS; Petrie, MC; Claggett, BL; Barlera, S, et al