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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Jul-2015Modeling in vivo interactions of engineered nanoparticles in the pulmonary alveolar lining fluidMukherjee, D; Porter, A; Ryan, M; Schwander, S; Chung, KF, et al
1-May-2017Blood Eosinophils and response to maintenance COPD treatment: data from the FLAME trialRoche, N; Chapman, KR; Vogelmeier, CF; Herth, FJ; Thach, C, et al
26-Apr-2017Circulating miRNAs from imprinted genomic regions are associated with peripheral muscle strength in COPD patientsLee, J; Donaldson, AV; Lewis, A; Natanek, A; Polkey, et al
1-Feb-2017Changes in the respiratory microbiome during acute exacerbations of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosisMolyneaux, PL; Cox, MJ; Wells, AU; Kim, HC; Ji, W, et al
22-Dec-2015The presence of chronic mucus hypersecretion across Adult life in relation to COPD developmentAllinson, JP; Hardy, R; Donaldson, GC; Shaheen, SO; Kuh, D, et al
6-Oct-2017miR-422a suppresses SMAD4 protein expression and promotes resistance to muscle lossKemp, P; Paul, R; Lee, J; Donaldson, AV; Connolly, M, et al
31-Aug-2016Cystic fibrosis gene therapy: a mutation-independent treatmentGriesenbach, U; Davies, JC; Alton, E; Cystic Fibrosis Trust; Imperial College Trust, et al
21-Mar-2017Cardiovascular magnetic resonance in survivors of sudden cardiac arrest: 14 year experience from a tertiary referral centre in the United KingdomLota, A; Baksi, J; Tsao, A; Mouy, F; Wassall, R, et al
15-Aug-2017miR-542 promotes mitochondrial dysfunction and SMAD activity and is raised in ICU Acquired WeaknessFarre garros; Paul, R; Connolly, M; Lewis, A; Natanek, SA, et al
29-Dec-2015Growth differentiation factor-15 is associated with muscle mass in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and promotes muscle wasting in vivoPatel, MS; Lee, J; Baz, M; Wells, CE; Bloch, S, et al