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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Apr-2013Cycling around cell-cell adhesion with Rho GTPase regulatorsMcCormack, J; Welsh, NJ; Braga, VMM; Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC); Cancer Research UK, et al
1-May-2014ESX1-dependent fractalkine mediates chemotaxis and Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection in humansHingley-Wilson, SM; Connell, D; Pollock, K; Hsu, T; Tchilian, E, et al
1-May-2018A novel role for ciliary function in atopy: ADGRV1 and DNAH5 interactionsSugier, P-E; Brossard, M; Sarnowski, C; Vaysse, A; Morin, A, et al
12-Dec-2017The mitochondria and the regulation of cell fitness during early mammalian developmentLima, A; Burgstaller, J; Sanchez Nieto, JM; Rodriguez, T; British Heart Foundation, et al
11-Sep-2011Genome-wide association study identifies six new loci influencing pulse pressure and mean arterial pressureWain, LV; Verwoert, GC; O'Reilly, PF; Shi, G; Johnson, T, et al
7-Jan-2019Meta-analysis of up to 622,409 individuals identifies 40 novel smoking behaviour associated genetic lociErzurumluoglu, AM; Chambers, JC; Elliott, P; Evangelou, E; Kooner, JS, et al
3-Oct-2017Prevalence of asthma-like symptoms with ageing: a European cohort studyJarvis, DL; Newson, R; Janson, C; Corsico, A; Heinrich, J, et al
1-Jun-2014Airway Inflammation and Illness Severity in Response to Experimental Rhinovirus Infection in AsthmaZhu, J; Message, SD; Qiu, Y; Mallia, P; Kebadze, T, et al
9-Jul-2018Stem cells are the most sensitive screening tool to identify toxicity of GATA4-targeted novel small-molecule compoundsKarhu, ST; Välimäki, MJ; Jumppanen, M; Kinnunen, SM; Pohjolainen, L, et al
6-Dec-2017Raman spectroscopy imaging reveals interplay between atherosclerosis and medial calcification in human aortaYou, AYF; Bergholt, MS; St-Pierre, JP; Chester, AH; Yacoub, MH, et al