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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Sep-2015Quantum Wire-on-Well (WoW) Cell With Long Carrier Lifetime for Efficient Carrier TransportSugiyama, M; Fujii, H; Katoh, K; Toprasertpong, K; Sodabanlu, H, et al
14-Sep-2015Photoluminescence-Based Current-Voltage Characterisation of Individual Subcells in Multi-Junction DevicesAlonso Alvarez, D; Lackner, D; Philipps, SP; Bett, AW; Ekins-Daukes, NJ, et al
5-Sep-2016Dispersion engineering of mode-locked fibre lasers [Invited]Woodward, RI; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
31-Jul-2014Self-injection by trapping of plasma electrons oscillating in rising density gradient at the vacuum-plasma interfaceSahai, AA; Katsouleas, TC; Muggli, P
31-Jul-2012Proton acceleration by a relativistic laser frequency-chirp driven plasma snowplowSahai, AA; Katsouleas, TC; Bingham, RA; Tsung, FS; Tableman, AR, et al
5-Aug-2015Digistain: a novel biomarker imaging platform for grading breast carcinoma using routinely processed paraffin sectionsAmrania, H; Shousha, S; Woodley, L; Goddard, K; Phillips, C, et al
23-Oct-2015Development of the gas gun driven expanding cylinder techniqueJones, D; Eakins, DE; Hazell, P; Chapman, D; Appleby-Thomas, G
3-Feb-2016Triggering on electrons, jets and tau leptons with the CMS upgraded calorimeter trigger for the LHC RUN IIZabi, A; Beaudette, F; Cadamuro, L; Mastrolorenzo, L; Romanteau, T, et al
19-Jul-2015High-gain and Low-profile Metalens-horn Antenna based on the Fishnet MetamaterialOsuna, D; Beruete, M; Teniente, J; Navarro-Cia, M
23-Aug-2015Zoning technique for a Broadband Fishnet Metamaterial LensOrazbayev, B; Pacheco-Peña, V; Torres, V; Beruete, M; Navarro-Cia, M