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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-Jan-2017The length of the low-redshift standard rulerVerde, L; Luis Bernal, J; Heavens, AF; Jimenez, R; , et al
18-Apr-2018Objective Bayesian analysis of neutrino masses and hierarchyHeavens, AF; Sellentin, E;
13-Oct-2015An accurate halo model for fitting non-linear cosmological power spectra and baryonic feedback modelsMead, AJ; Peacock, JA; Heymans, C; Joudaki, S; Heavens, AF, et al
24-Dec-2015Parameter inference with estimated covariance matricesSellentin, E; Heavens, AF;
19-Oct-2016Quantifying lost information due to covariance matrix estimation in parameter inferenceSellentin, E; Heavens, AF;
11-May-20153D weak gravitational lensing of the CMB and galaxiesKitching, TD; Heavens, AF; Das, S;
25-Jan-2016Cluster mass profile reconstruction with size and flux magnification on the HST STAGES surveyDuncan, CAJ; Heymans, C; Heavens, AF; Joachimi, B; , et al
26-Nov-2013On the complementarity of galaxy clustering with cosmic shear and flux magnificationDuncan, CAJ; Joachimi, B; Heavens, AF; Heymans, C; Hildebrandt, H, et al
11-Jun-2016Discrepancies between CFHTLenS cosmic shear and Planck: new physics or systematic effects?Kitching, TD; Verde, L; Heavens, AF; Jimenez, R; , et al
27-Jan-2016Galaxy and mass assembly: redshift space distortions from the clipped galaxy fieldSimpson, F; Blake, C; Peacock, JA; Baldry, IK; Bland-Hawthorn, J, et al