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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Jan-2019Slow growth of entanglement and out-of-time-order correlators in integrable disordered systemsMcGinley, M; Nunnenkamp, A; Knolle, J
1-Jan-2019Bond disordered spin liquid and the honeycomb iridate H$_3$LiIr$_2$O$_6$ $-$ abundant low energy density of states from random Majorana hoppingKnolle, J; Moessner, R; Perkins, NB
1-Jan-2019A Field Guide to Spin LiquidsKnolle, J; Moessner, R
19-Jul-2019Quantum interference enables constant-time quantum information processingStobińska, M; Buraczewski, A; Moore, M; Clements, WR; Renema, JJ, et al
25-Jul-2019AMBITION -- Comet nucleus cryogenic sample return (white paper for ESA's voyage 2050 programme)Bockelée-Morvan, D; Filacchione, G; Altwegg, K; Bianchi, E; Bizzarro, M, et al
13-Mar-2019Multipoint measurements of the solar wind: A proposed advance for studying magnetized turbulenceKlein, KG; Alexandrova, O; Bookbinder, J; Caprioli, D; Case, AW, et al
1-Aug-2019Cometary plasma science -- A white paper in response to the voyage 2050 call by the European space agencyGötz, C; Gunell, H; Volwerk, M; Beth, A; Eriksson, A, et al
15-May-2019Experimental signature of a topological quantum dotRider, MS; Sokolikova, M; Hanham, SM; Navarro-Cia, M; Haynes, P, et al
19-Jul-2019Broadband nonreciprocal THz amplification in luminal graphene metasurfacesGaliffi, E; Huidobro, PA; Pendry, JB
17-Oct-2019Fibred GK geometry and supersymmetric AdS solutionsGauntlett, JP; Martelli, D; Sparks, J