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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Feb-2019Magnetospheric multiscale observation of kinetic signatures in the Alfvén vortexWang, T; Alexandrova, O; Perrone, D; Dunlop, M; Dong, X, et al
1-Mar-2019Radial evolution of the solar wind in pure high-speed streams: HELIOS revised observationsPerrone, D; Stansby, D; Horbury, T; Matteini, L;
27-Feb-2019Direct evidence of nonstationary collisionless shocks in space plasmasDimmock, AP; Russell, CT; Sagdeev, RZ; Krasnoselskikh, V; Walker, SN, et al
16-Feb-2019The upper stratospheric solar cycle ozone responseBall, WT; Rozanov, EV; Alsing, J; Marsh, DR; Tummon, F, et al
18-Mar-2019A homogeneous sample of 34 000 M7-M9.5 dwarfs brighter than J=17.5 with accurate spectral typesAhmed, S; Warren, SJ;
11-Jan-2019Diagnosing solar wind origins using in situ measurements in the inner heliosphereStansby, D; Horbury, T; Matteini, L;
1-Feb-2019Measurement of the neutrino-oxygen neutral-current quasielastic cross section using atmospheric neutrinos at Super-KamiokandeWan, L; Abe, K; Bronner, C; Hayato, Y; Ikeda, M, et al
1-Apr-2019Impact of using the ultrahigh-energy cosmic ray arrival energies to constrain source associationsCapel, F; Mortlock, DJ;
1-May-2019A Bayesian model for inferring properties of the local white dwarf population in astrometric and photometric surveysWidmark, A; Mortlock, DJ; Peiris, HV;
1-Apr-2019Spatially modulated and supersymmetric deformations of ABJM theoryArav, I; Gauntlett, JP; Roberts, M; Rosen, C; , et al