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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Jan-2019Spin transport parameters of NbN thin films characterised by spin pumping experimentsRogdakis, K; Sud, A; Amado, M; Lee, CM; McKenzie-Sell, L, et al
9-May-2019Extraordinarily transparent compact metallic metamaterialsPalmer, S; Xiao, X; Pazos-Perez, N; Guerrini, L; Correa-Duarte, M, et al
2-Apr-2019Identifying dominant recombination mechanisms in perovskite solar cells by measuring the transient ideality factorCalado, P; Burkitt, D; Yao, J; Troughton, J; Watson, TM, et al
14-Nov-2019Tail state limited photocurrent collection of thick photoactive layers in organic solar cellsWu, J; Luke, J; Lee, HKH; Tuladhar, PS; Cha, H, et al
16-Jul-2019Deep Laser Cooling and Efficient Magnetic Compression of MoleculesCaldwell, L; Devlin, J; Williams, H; Fitch, N; Hinds, E, et al
28-Mar-2019Impact of molecular conformation on triplet-fusion induced photon energy up-conversion in the absence of exothermic triplet energy transferGoudarzi, H; Limbu, S; Cabanillas-González, J; Zenonos, VM; Kim, J-S, et al
12-Apr-2019Toward improved environmental stability of polymer:fullerene and polymer:non-fullerene organic solar cells: a common energetic origin of light and oxygen induced degradationSpeller, EM; Clarke, AJ; Aristidou, N; Wyatt, MF; Francàs, L, et al
17-Apr-2019Hybridization of local exciton and charge-transfer states reduces non-radiative voltage losses in organic solar cellsEisner, F; Azzouzi, M; Fei, Z; Hou, X; Anthopoulos, T, et al
1-Jun-2019A discrete crack dynamics model of toughening in brittle polycrystalline material by crack deflectionEbrahimi, M; Balint, D; Sutton, A; Dini, D; , et al
23-Sep-2019Femtosecond-resolved observation of the fragmentation of buckminsterfullerene following X-ray multiphoton ionizationBerrah, N; Sanchez-Gonzalez, A; Jurek, Z; Obaid, R; Xiong, H, et al