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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Jul-2017Generation of highly symmetric, cylindrically convergent shockwaves in waterBland, SN; Krasik, YAE; Yanuka, D; Gardner, R; MacDonald, J, et al
21-Feb-2017Anomalous heating and plasmoid formation in a driven magnetic reconnection experimentHare, JD; Suttle, L; Lebedev, SV; Loureiro, NF; Ciardi, A, et al
22-Sep-2017Formation and structure of a current sheet in pulsed-power driven magnetic reconnection experimentsHare, JD; Lebedev, SV; Suttle, LG; Loureiro, NF; Ciardi, A, et al
1-Mar-2017Influence of atomic kinetics in the simulation of plasma microscopic properties and thermal instabilities for radiative bow shock experimentsEspinosa, G; Rodriguez, R; Gil, JM; Suzuki-Vidal, F; Lebedev, SV, et al
14-Jul-2017The structure of bow shocks formed by the interaction of pulsed-power driven magnetised plasma flows with conducting obstaclesBurdiak, GC; Lebedev, SV; Bland, SN; Clayson, T; Hare, J, et al
13-Mar-2017The Shock Dynamics of Heterogeneous YSO Jets: 3D Simulations Meet Multi-epoch ObservationsHansen, EC; Frank, A; Hartigan, P; Lebedev, SV; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC), et al