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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Jul-2017Generation of highly symmetric, cylindrically convergent shockwaves in waterBland, SN; Krasik, YAE; Yanuka, D; Gardner, R; MacDonald, J, et al
13-Jan-2017Birefringence measurements in single crystal sapphire and calcite shocked along the a axisTear, GR; Chapman, DJ; Eakins, D; Proud, W; , et al
31-May-2017The effect of temperature on the elastic precursor decay in shock loaded FCC aluminium and BCC ironGurrutxaga-Lerma, B; Shehadeh, M; Balint; Dini, D; Chen, L, et al
14-Jul-2017The structure of bow shocks formed by the interaction of pulsed-power driven magnetised plasma flows with conducting obstaclesBurdiak, GC; Lebedev, SV; Bland, SN; Clayson, T; Hare, J, et al
1-Jan-2017The Propagation of Blast Pulses through Dampened Granular MediaBadham, H; Chalmers, M; Thuy-Tien, NN; Proud, WG; Chau, R, et al
1-Jan-2017The stress and ballistic properties of granular materialsProud, WG; Chapman, DJ; Eakins, DE; Chau, R; Germann, T, et al
9-Jul-2017Interrogating Heterogeneous Compaction of Analogue Materials at the Mesoscale Through Numerical Modeling and ExperimentsDerrick, J; Rutherford, M; Davison, T; Chapman, D; Eakins, D, et al
24-Aug-2017Identifying deformation mechanisms in molecular dynamics simulations of laser shocked matterWhite, TG; Tikku, A; Alves Silva, M; Gregori, G; Higginbotham, A, et al
17-Oct-2017Impact-induced compaction of primitive solar system solids: The need for mesoscale modelling and experimentsDavison, TM; Derrick, JG; Collins, GS; Bland, PA; Rutherford, ME, et al
31-Jan-2017The effects of magnetic field topology on secondary neutron spectra in magnetized liner inertial fusionAppelbe, B; Pecover, J; Chittenden, J;