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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Sep-2015A self-supporting broadband zoned fishnet metamaterial lens operaring at the millimetre-wave V-bandOrazbayev, B; Pacheco-Peña, V; Beruete, M; Navarro-Cia, M; Imperial College London
12-Sep-2015Localized emitters close to nano-bowties: insight via conformal transformationPacheco-Peña, V; Beruete, M; Fernández-Domínguez, AI; Luo, Y; Navarro-Cia, M, et al
19-Jul-2015High Gain Leaky Wave Antenna Operating at 0.566 THzBeaskoetxea, U; Beruete, M; Falcone, F; Etayo, D; Sorolla, M, et al
19-Jul-2015Experimental Demonstration of Deflection Angle Tuning in Diffraction-Inspired Unidirectional StructuresRodríguez-Ulibarri, P; Pacheco-Peña, V; Falcone, F; Navarro-Cia, M; Serebryannikov, AE, et al
19-Jul-2015144 GHz Epsilon-near-zero Lens AntennaTorres, V; Pacheco-Peña, V; Orazbayev, B; Teniente, J; Beruete, M, et al
19-Jul-2015A Broadband Zoned Fishnet Metamaterial LensOrazbayev, B; Pacheco-Peña, V; Beruete, M; Navarro-Cia, M
3-Jul-2017Equivalent Circuit for Double Annular Aperture Frequency Selective SurfacesRodriguez-Ulibarri, P; Beruete, M; Navarro-Cia, M; Rodriguez-Berral, R; Mesa, F, et al
21-Oct-2019Combined UTC-PD integrated THz source and a leaky wave antenna with complementary split ring resonators along a planar Goubau lineAkalin, T; Chahadih, A; Turer, I; Navarro-Cia, M; Beruete, M, et al
21-Oct-2019Modes and pseudo-modes in TE extraordinary THz transmissionFreer, S; Camacho, M; Kuznetsov, SA; Shalom, E; Gape, J, et al