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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Mar-2017First evidence of external disc photoevaporation in a low mass star forming region: the case of IM LupHaworth, TJ; Facchini, S; Clarke, CJ; Cleeves, LI
14-Dec-2016IRAS 18153-1651: an HII region with a possible wind bubble blown by a young main-sequence B starGvaramadze, VV; Mackey, J; Kniazev, AY; Langer, N; Chene, A-N, et al
18-May-2016Measurement of the top quark mass using charged particles in pp collisions at √s=8  TeVKhachatryan, V; Sirunyan, AM; Tumasyan, A; Adam, W; Asilar, E, et al
26-Sep-2014Searches for electroweak production of charginos, neutralinos, and sleptons decaying to leptons and W, Z, and Higgs bosons in pp collisions at 8 TeVKhachatryan, V; Sirunyan, AM; Tumasyan, A; Adam, W; Bergauer, T, et al
21-Nov-2016Towards 'smart lasers': self-optimisation of an ultrafast pulse source using a genetic algorithmWoodward, RI; Kelleher, EJR;
20-Jul-2018Measurement of Upsilon production in pp collisions at root s=13 TeVAaij, R; Adeva, B; Adinolfi, M; Ajaltouni, Z; Akar, S, et al
20-Apr-2015The Renormalization Group flow of unimodular f(R) gravityEichhorn, A
29-Mar-2016Inclusive and differential measurements of the t(t)over-bar charge asymmetry in pp collisions at root s=8 TeVKhachatryan, V; Sirunyan, AM; Tumasyan, A; Adam, W; Asilar, E, et al
20-Jul-2016Silk-Based Biocompatible Random LasingCaixeiro, S; Gaio, M; Marelli, B; Omenetto, FG; Sapienza, R
1-Aug-2015Non-plasmonic nanoantennas for surface enhanced spectroscopies with ultra-low heat conversion.Caldarola, M; Albella, P; Cortés, E; Rahmani, M; Roschuk, T, et al