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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Dec-2017Detecting phase boundaries of quantum spin-1/2 XXZ ladder via bipartite and multipartite entanglement transitionsRoy, SS; Dhar, HS; Rakshit, D; Sen (De), A; Sen, U
13-Sep-2018Adiabatic freezing of entanglement with insertion of defects in a one-dimensional Hubbard modelDas, S; Roy, SS; Dhar, HS; Rakshit, D; Sen(de), A, et al
22-Aug-2017Analytical recursive method to ascertain multisite entanglement in doped quantum spin laddersRoy, SS; Dhar, HS; Rakshit, D; Sen (De), A; Sen, U
28-Feb-2018Effects of cavity-cavity interaction on the entanglement dynamics of a generalized double Jaynes-Cummings modelPandit, M; Das, S; Roy, SS; Dhar, HS; Sen, U
15-May-2019Fibonacci sequence and its generalizations in doped quantum spin laddersRoy, SS; Dhar, HS; Sen (De), A; Sen, U
20-Jul-2016Adiabatic freezing of long-range quantum correlations in spin chainsDhar, HS; Rakshit, D; Sen (De), A; Sen, U
28-Sep-2018Variational renormalization group for dissipative spin-cavity systems: periodic pulses of nonclassical photons from mesoscopic spin ensemblesDhar, HS; Zens, M; Krimer, DO; Rotter, S
17-Jun-2019Effect of long-range interactions on multipartite entanglement in Heisenberg chainsSingha Roy, S; Dhar, HS
1-Apr-2019A high angular resolution silicon microstrip telescope for crystal channeling studiesHall, G; Auzinger, G; Borg, J; James, T; Pesaresi, M, et al
31-Jul-2018Water content, not stiffness, dominates Brillouin spectroscopy measurements in hydrated materialsWu, P-J; Kabovka, I; Ruberti, J; Sherwood, J; Dunlop, IE, et al