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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Jul-2019Completely positive divisibility does not mean markovianityMilz, S; Kim, MS; Pollock, FA; Modi, K; The Royal Society, et al
3-Jul-2019Social success of perfumesVasiliauskaite, V; Evans, TS
1-Jan-2019South‐North hemispheric asymmetry of the FAE distribution around the cusp egion: cluster observationShi, J; Zhang, Z; Torkar, K; Cheng, Z; Escoubet, P, et al
1-Jan-2019The liquid-hydrogen absorber for MICEBayliss, V; Boehm, J; Bradshaw, T; Courthold, M; Harrison, S, et al
13-Jun-2018Temporal feedback control of high-intensity laser pulses to optimize ultrafast heating of atomic clustersStreeter, M; Dann, S; Scott, JDE; Baird, C; Murphy, CD, et al
19-Jun-2018Observation of laser power amplification in a self-injecting laser wakefield acceleratorStreeter, M; Kneip, S; Bloom, M; Bendoyro, RA; Chekhlov, O, et al
Aug-2018Global and regional emissions of radiocarbon from nuclear power plants from 1972 to 2016Graven, H; Zazzeri, G; Acuña Yeomans, E; Commission of the European Communities
12-Oct-2018Plasma source and loss at comet 67P during the Rosetta missionHeritier, K; Galand, M; Henri, P; Johansson, FL; Beth, A, et al
28-Nov-2017Tail reconnection in the global magnetospheric context: Vlasiator first resultsPalmroth, M; Hoilijoki, S; Juusola, L; Pulkkinen, TI; Hietala, H, et al
4-Nov-2016Evidence for transient, local ion foreshocks caused by dayside magnetopause reconnectionPfau-Kempf, Y; Hietala, H; Milan, SE; Juusola, L; Hoilijoki, S, et al