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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Apr-2016What is the dimension of citation space?Clough, JR; Evans, TS
5-Feb-2015Null infinity and extremal horizons in AdS-CFTHickling, A; Lucietti, J; Wiseman, T
1-Jan-2014Cosmology from the EoR/Cosmic Dawn with the SKAPritchard, J; Ichiki, K; Mesinger, A; Metcalf, RB; Pourtsidou, A, et al
25-Jan-2019The HANDE-QMC project: open-source stochastic quantum chemistry from the ground state upSpencer, JS; Blunt, NS; Choi, S; Etrych, J; Filip, M-A, et al
7-Apr-2016Measures of three-dimensional anisotropy and intermittency in strong Alfvénic turbulenceMallet, A; Schekochihin, AA; Chandran, BDG; Chen, CHK; Horbury, TS, et al
1-May-2018Quantifying the non-Gaussianity in the EoR 21-cm signal through bispectrumMajumdar, S; Pritchard, JR; Mondal, R; Watkinson, CA; Bharadwaj, S, et al
2-Aug-2019Peering into the dark (Ages) with low-frequency space interferometersKoopmans, L; Barkana, R; Bentum, M; Bernardi, G; Boonstra, A-J, et al
1-May-2019Design of an intermediate Bragg reflector within triple-junction solar cells for spectrum splitting applicationsJiang, Y; Keevers, MJ; Pearce, P; Ekins-Daukes, N; Green, MA
5-Sep-2019Non-abelian Toda theory on AdS(2) and AdS(2)/CFT21/2 dualityBeccaria, M; Jiang, H; Tseytlin, AA
19-Jun-2017Unitary null energy condition violation in P(X) cosmologiesDe Rham, C; Melville, S