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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
8-Aug-2015Structural and Electronic Properties of Sigma7 Grain Boundaries in alpha-Al2O3Guhl, H; Lee, H-S; Tangney, P; Foulkes, WMC; Heuer, AH, et al
5-Sep-2016Dispersion engineering of mode-locked fibre lasers [Invited]Woodward, RI; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
23-Feb-2015Refractory dissolved organic nitrogen accumulation in high-elevation lakesGoldberg, SJ; Ball, GI; Allen, BC; Schladow, SG; Simpson, AJ, et al
22-Dec-2015Degenerate four-wave mixing in silicon hybrid plasmonic waveguidesDuffin, TJ; Nielsen, MP; Diaz, F; Palomba, S; Maier, SA, et al
1-Apr-2015Quantum coherence, time-translation symmetry, and thermodynamicsLostaglio, M; Korzekwa, K; Jennings, D; Rudolph, T
1-Jan-2014A novel graded density impactorWinter, RE; Cotton, M; Harris, EJ; Chapman, DJ; Eakins, D
8-Jan-2013Measurement of the D-+/- production asymmetry in 7 TeV pp collisionsAaij, R; Beteta, CA; Adametz, A; Adeva, B; Adinolfi, M, et al
3-Feb-2016Search for W ' decaying to tau lepton and neutrino in proton-proton collisions at root s=8 TeVKhachatryan, V; Sirunyan, AM; Tumasyan, A; Adam, W; Asilar, E, et al
12-Jun-2013A dynamic discrete dislocation plasticity method for the simulation of plastic relaxation under shock loadingGurrutxaga-Lerma, B; Balint, DS; Dini, D; Eakins, DE; Sutton, AP
18-Aug-2016Evidence for Exotic Hadron Contributions to Λ_{b}^{0}→J/ψpπ^{-} DecaysAaij, R; Abellán Beteta, C; Adeva, B; Adinolfi, M; Ajaltouni, Z, et al