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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Feb-2019The upper stratospheric solar cycle ozone responseBall, WT; Rozanov, EV; Alsing, J; Marsh, DR; Tummon, F, et al
19-Jul-2016Suprathermal electrons at Saturn’s bow shockMasters, A; Sulaiman, AH; Sergis, N; Stawarz, L; Fujimoto, M, et al
13-Oct-2018The laboratory astrophysics spectroscopy programme at Imperial College LondonBelmonte, MT; Pickering, JC; Clear, CP; Mairey, FC; Liggins, F, et al
18-Mar-2019A homogeneous sample of 34 000 M7-M9.5 dwarfs brighter than J=17.5 with accurate spectral typesAhmed, S; Warren, SJ; Science and Technology Facilities Council; Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC)
4-May-2016Modeling ultrafast shadowgraphy in laser-plasma interaction experimentsSiminos, E; Skupin, S; Savert, A; Cole, JM; Mangles, SPD, et al
29-May-2017A deep search for metals near redshift 7: the line of sight towards ULAS J1120+0641Bosman, SEI; Becker, GD; Haehnelt, MG; Hewett, PC; McMahon, RG, et al
16-May-2016A Bayesian analysis of the 69 highest energy cosmic rays detected by the Pierre Auger ObservatoryKhanin, A; Mortlock, DJ; Science and Technology Facilities Council; Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC)
6-Feb-2018Evidence for a continuous decline in lower stratospheric ozone offsetting ozone layer recoveryBall, WT; Alsing, J; Mortlock, DJ; Staehelin, J; Haigh, JD, et al
15-Mar-2017The compact, ∼1 kpc host galaxy of a quasar at a redshift of 7.1Venemans, BP; Walter, F; Decarli, R; Bañados, E; Hodge, J, et al
1-Apr-2017Making maps of cosmic microwave background polarization for B-mode studies: the POLARBEAR examplePoletti, D; Fabbian, G; Le Jeune, M; Peloton, J; Arnold, K, et al