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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19-Jan-2017Raman spectroscopy as an advanced structural nanoprobe for conjugated molecular semiconductorsWood, S; Hollis, JR; Kim, J-S; , et al
26-May-2016Spectroscopic investigations of three-phase morphology evolution in polymer: fullerene solar cell blendsRazzell-Hollis, J; Limbu, S; Kim, J-S; , et al
16-Nov-2016Interfacial chemical composition and molecular order in organic photovoltaic blend thin films probed by surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopyRazzell-Hollis, J; Thiburce, Q; Tsoi, WC; Kim, J-S; , et al
6-Mar-2017Ab initio quantum Monte Carlo simulation of the warm dense electron gasDornheim, T; Groth, S; Malone, FD; Schoof, T; Sjostrom, T, et al
11-Jul-2016Cylindrical array luminescent solar concentrators: performance boosts by geometric effectsVideira, JJH; Chatten, AJ; Bilotti, E;
1-Oct-2018The influence of backbone fluorination on the dielectric constant of conjugated polythiophenesBoufflet, P; Bovo, G; Occhi, L; Fei, Z; Han, Y, et al
8-Mar-2018Semiconductor nanostructure quantum ratchet for high efficiency solar cellsVaquero-Stainer, A; Yoshida, M; Hylton, NP; Pusch, A; Curtin, O, et al
4-Jun-2018Fluorescence enhancement and strong-coupling in faceted plasmonic nanocavitiesKongsuwan, N; Demetriadou, A; Chikkaraddy, R; Baumberg, JJ; Hess, O, et al
22-Aug-2018Enhancement of pressure perturbations in ablation due to kinetic magnetized transport effects under direct-drive inertial confinement fusion relevant conditionsHill, D; Kingham, RJ;
15-Jul-2018Erratum: Hubbard-like Hamiltonians for interacting electrons in s, p, and d orbitals (vol 93, 075101, 2016)Coury, MEA; Dudarev, SL; Foulkes, WMC; Horsfield, AP; Ma, P-W, et al