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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2019A proposal to measure iron opacity at conditions close to the solar convective zone-radiative zone boundaryHoarty, DJ; Morton, J; Jeffery, M; Pattison, LK; Wardlow, A, et al
26-Jul-2019Investigating subphotospheric dissipation in gamma-ray bursts using joint Fermi-Swift observationsAhlgren, B; Larrson, J; Valan, V; Mortlock, D; Ryde, F, et al
31-Dec-2019Aircraft observations of tropical cyclone boundary layer turbulence over the South China SeaSparks, N; Hon, KK; Chan, PW; Wang, S; Chan, JCL, et al
1-Dec-2019Primordial power spectrum and cosmology from black-box galaxy surveysLeclercq, F; Enzi, W; Jasche, J; Heavens, A
1-May-2019Impact of the gate dielectric on contact resistance in high-mobility organic transistorsPaterson, AF; Mottram, AD; Faber, H; Niazi, MR; Fei, Z, et al
14-Jun-2019A versatile star-shaped organic semiconductor based on benzodithiophene and diketopyrrolopyrroleHe, Q; Shahid, M; Panidi, J; Marsh, AV; Huang, W, et al
Jun-2019Impact of dry midlevel air on the tropical cyclone outer circulationWang, S; Toumi, R
1-Oct-2019Studying the morphology of reionisation with the triangle correlation function of phasesGorce, A; Pritchard, JR; Commission of the European Communities
1-Jan-2019Organic-inorganic hybrid composites as an electron injection layer in highly efficient inverted green-emitting polymer LEDsHamilton, I; Suh, M; Kim, K; Jeon, DY; Bradley, DDC, et al
7-Nov-2019The impact of ship emission controls recorded by cloud propertiesGryspeerdt, E; Smith, T; O'Keeffe, E; Christensen, M; Goldsworth, F, et al