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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
26-Aug-2017Classifying the tropospheric precursor patterns of sudden stratospheric warmingsBao, M; Tan, X; Hartmann, DL; Ceppi, P
27-Mar-2017Simulating estimation of California fossil fuel and biosphere carbon dioxide exchanges combining in situ tower and satellite column observationsFischer, ML; Parazoo, N; Brophy, K; Cui, X; Jeong, S, et al
15-Jun-2017From quantum optics to quantum technologiesBrowne, D; Bose, S; Mintert, F; Kim, MS
19-Jul-2017Journeys from quantum optics to quantum technologyBarnett, SM; Beige, A; Ekert, A; Garraway, BM; Keitel, CH, et al
11-Oct-2017Single crystal, luminescent carbon nitride nanosheets formed by spontaneous dissolutionMiller, TS; Suter, TM; Telford, AM; Picco, L; Payton, OD, et al
1-Apr-2017High density, high radiance mu LED matrix for optogenetic retinal Prostheses and planar neural stimulationSoltan, A; McGovern, B; Drakakis, E; Neil, M; Maaskant, P, et al
20-Sep-2017Degenerate four-wave mixing in a multiresonant Germanium nanodiskGrinblat, G; Li, Y; Nielsen, MP; Oulton, RF; Maier, SA, et al
22-Dec-2017Corrigendum: Probing the early stages of shock-induced chondritic meteorite formation at the mesoscale.Rutherford, ME; Chapman, DJ; Derrick, JG; Patten, JRW; Bland, PA, et al
26-Oct-2017The effects of retardation on the topological plasmonic chain: plasmonic edge states beyond the quasistatic limitPocock, SR; Huidobro, PA; Giannini, V
4-May-2017Towards spectral geometry for causal setsYazdi, YK; Kempf, A