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21-Jan-20221/N expansion of circular Wilson loop in N = 2 superconformal SU(N) x SU(N) quiver (vol 265, JHEP04, 2021)Beccaria, M; Tseytlin, AA
28-Apr-20211/N expansion of circular Wilson loop in N=2 superconformal SU(N) x SU(N) quiverBeccaria, M; Tseytlin, AA
19-Jul-2015144 GHz Epsilon-near-zero Lens AntennaTorres, V; Pacheco-Peña, V; Orazbayev, B; Teniente, J; Beruete, M, et al
6-Jan-202214 GHz schottky diodes using a p-doped organic polymer.Loganathan, K; Scaccabarozzi, AD; Faber, H; Ferrari, F; Bizak, Z, et al
17-Mar-20212020 roadmap on plasma acceleratorsAlbert, F; Couprie, ME; Debus, A; Downer, MC; Faure, J, et al
1-Dec-2018280 GHz Focal Plane Unit Design and Characterization for the SPIDER-2 Suborbital PolarimeterBergman, AS; Ade, PAR; Akers, S; Amiri, M; Austermann, JA, et al
26-Oct-20222D bismuthene as a functional interlayer between BiVO4 and NiFeOOH for enhanced oxygen-evolution photoanodesCui, J; Daboczi, M; Regue, M; Chin, Y; Pagano, K, et al
30-Nov-20152D Saturable Absorbers for Fibre LasersWoodward, R; Kelleher, E
31-Jul-20173-D In Vitro Acoustic Super-Resolution and Super-Resolved Velocity Mapping Using MicrobubblesChristensen-Jeffries, K; Brown, J; Aljabar, P; Tang, M; Dunsby, CW, et al
1-Feb-20203-D super-resolution ultrasound imaging with a 2-D sparse arrayHarput, S; Christensen-Jeffries, K; Ramalli, A; Brown, J; Zhu, J, et al
1-Jan-20173-D-Printed 96 GHz Bull's-Eye Antenna With Off-Axis BeamingBeaskoetxea, U; Maci, S; Navarro-Cia, M; Beruete, M
25-Aug-2021> 30 W vortex LG₀₁ or HG₁₀ laser using a modetransforming output couplerGeberbauer, J; Kerridge-Johns, W; Damzen, M;
27-Jun-20163D coaxial out-of-plane metallic antennas for filtering and multi-spectral imaging in the infrared rangeJacassi, A; Bozzola, A; Zilio, P; Tantussi, F; De Angelis, F
16-Aug-20173D Confocal Raman Tomography to Probe Field Enhancements inside Supercluster MetamaterialsLauri, A; Velleman, L; Xiao, X; Cortes, E; Edel, JB, et al
1-Aug-20143D cosmic shear: cosmology from CFHTLenSKitching, TD; Heavens, AF; Alsing, J; Erben, T; Heymans, C, et al
9-Jul-20183d Coulomb branch and 5d Higgs branch at infinite couplingFerlito, G; Hanany, A; Mekareeya, N; Zafrir, G; , et al
21-May-20193D hybrid scaffolds based on PEDOT:PSS/MWCNT compositesJayaram, AK; Pitsalidis, C; Tan, E; Moysidou, C-M; De Voider, MFL, et al
24-Nov-20173D modeling of electric fields in the LUX detectorAkerib, DS; Alsum, S; Araujo, HM; Bai, X; Bailey, AJ, et al
1-Jun-20193D super-resolution ultrasound imaging of rabbit lymph node vasculature in vivo using microbubblesZhu, J; Rowland, E; Harput, S; Riemer, K; Leow, CH, et al
11-May-20153D weak gravitational lensing of the CMB and galaxiesKitching, TD; Heavens, AF; Das, S;
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 1 to 20 of 5187