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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2014Active control of the wake from a rectangular-sectioned bodyMorrison, Jonathan; Cabitza, Sara
Apr-2017Active control of tollmien-schlichting waves in a blasius boundary layerMorrison, Jonathan; Kerrigan, Eric; VEMURI, Sh Sankarasarma;
Jan-2015Adaptive multistable flexible composite structuresSanter, Matthew; Cui, Yuefeng
Sep-2016Adaptive shock control bumpsBruce, Paul; Santer, Matthew; Jinks, Edward
Sep-2016Adaptive structures for the control of cellular separationMorrison, Jonathan; Santer, Matthew; Garland, Michael;
Apr-2017Additive manufacturing of locally resonant metamaterialsIannucci, Lorenzo; Curtis, Paul; Raza, Irfan Mohammad Hussain;
Apr-2014Addressing some current issues in linear and high-order meshingPeiro, Joaquim; Keskin, Umit;
Apr-2014Advanced instability methods using spectral/hp discretisations and their applications to complex geometriesSherwin, Spencer J.; Zaki, Tamer; Rocco, Gabriele
Jan-2017Aerial aquatic locomotion with miniature robotsKovac, Mirko; Siddall, Robert James Douglas;
Feb-2015Aeroelastic modelling and control of very flexible air vehicles using a nonlinear modal formulationPalacios, Rafael; Wynn, Andrew; Wang, Yinan;
Jun-2013Aeromechanical performance of compliant aerofoilsPalacios Nieto, Rafael; Ganapathisubramani, Bharathram; Arbos Torrent, Sara;
Sep-2013Analysis of compression failure in multidirectional laminatesGreenhalgh, Emile; Iannucci, Lorenzo; Tsampas, Spyridon;
Oct-2018Application of computational methods as an adjunct to upper airway assessmentDoorly, Denis; Tolley, Neil; Ritchie, Louisa (Lulu)
Sep-2017Applications of modal decomposition algorithms to dynamic estimation and reconstruction of fluid flowsWynn, Andrew; Krol, Jakub;
Jun-2014Asymptotic limit analysis for numerical models of atmospheric frontogenesisCotter, Colin; Visram, Abeed;
Jan-2018Attached eddies in wall-bounded turbulent flows: streak instability and skin-friction generationHwang, Yongyun; de Giovanetti, Matteo
2012Behaviour of high Mach number boundary layers with sudden pressure gradient changesHillier, Richard; Luthman, Elizabeth;
Nov-2019Bio-inspired designs for enhanced damage resistance of composite structures: Bouligand, Herringbone and multi-tailored bone-inspired strategiesPinho, Silvestre; Mencattelli, Lorenzo;
Jan-2018Bio-inspired micro-structural design for CFRP: exploring damage mechanisms of nacrePinho, Silvestre; Narducci, Federico;
May-2016Blockage tolerant wind tunnel testing of aerofoils at angles of incidence from 0 to 360 degrees, with respect to the self-start of vertical-axis wind turbinesPeiro, Joaquim; Rainbird, John;
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 1 to 20 of 188