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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Dec-20191D Electrochemical Model for Lithium Ion Capacitors in ComsolMadabattula, G; Wu, B; Marinescu, M; Offer, G;
25-Feb-20193D Taylor-Green vortex Direct Numerical Simulation statistics from Re=1250 to Re=20000Laizet, S; Lamballais, E; Vassilicos, JC; Dairay, T
11-Dec-2019A comparative study of multi-objective optimization methodologies for molecular and process designLee, YS; Graham, E; Galindo, A; Jackson, G; Adjiman, CS
20-Feb-2016A Convex Hull Formulation for the Design of Optimal MixturesJonuzaj, S; Adjiman, CS
25-Jun-2019A Deep Dive into Bitcoin Mining PoolsRomiti, M; Judmayer, A; Zamyatin, A; Halshofer, B
23-Nov-2016A deep learning approach to on-node sensor data analytics for mobile or wearable devicesRavi, D; Wong, C; Lo, B; Yang, G;
19-Jan-2016A library of nonconvex bilevel test problems with the corresponding AMPL input filesAdjiman, CSJ;
22-Jan-2018A pH-responsive amphiphilic hydrogel based on pseudo-peptides and poly(ethylene glycol) for oral drug deliveryChen, R; Wang, S; Attah, R; Li, J; Chen, Y, et al
12-Dec-2019A Versatile Polymer‐Based Platform for Intracellular Delivery of MacromoleculesKopytynski, MT; Chen, S; Legg, S; Minter, R; Chen, R
3-Jun-2019Activity – or lack thereof – of RuO2 based electrodes in the electrocatalytic reduction of CO2Mezzavilla, S; Katayama, Y; Rao, R; Hwang, J; Regoutz, A, et al
22-May-2020AlexLipp/predict-river-chem: SubmissionLipp, A
22-Aug-2019An Empirical Evaluation of the Relationship between Technical Debt and Software SecuritySiavvas, M; Tsoukalas, D; Janković, M; Kehagias, D; Chatzigeorgiou, A, et al
8-Jan-2019An Insight on the Effect of Azobenzene Functionalities Studied in UiO-66 Framework for Low Energy CO2 Capture and CO2/N2 Membrane SeparationPrasetya, N; Ladewig, B
22-Jun-2016An Uncertainty-Aware Approach to Optimal Configuration of Stream Processing SystemsJamshidi Dermani, P; Casale, G;
14-Nov-2015Appearance-based indoor localization: A comparison of patch descriptor performanceRivera-Rubio, J; Bharath, A; Alexiou, I
1-Apr-2016Argument graphs and assumption-based argumentationToni, F
1-Sep-2020Arsenic adsorption modelling: TiO2, Fe2O3 and composite TiO2-Fe2O3 sorbents - detailed characterisation and adsorption data setsBullen, J
15-Jun-2020Artefact for the ISSTA 2020 paper: Running symbolic execution foreverBusse, F; Nowack, M; Cadar, C
2-Apr-2020AstroEBSD Superalloy Example DataMcAuliffe, T; Britton, TB
15-Apr-2019ATOM: Model-Driven Autoscaling for MicroservicesGias, A; Casale, G; Woodside, M;
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 1 to 20 of 254