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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2017Effect of strong disturbances on the evolution of turbulent boundary layersBruce, Paul J.K.; Buxton, Oliver R.H.; Rodriguez Lopez, Eduardo; European Union
May-2015Development of hierarchical composites for structural applicationsGreenhalgh, Emile; Bismarck, Alexander; Shaffer, Milo; Zainol Abidin, Mohd Shukur; Malaysia. Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi, et al
Apr-2018Development of a potential panel code for unsteady modelling of 2D airfoils in practical applications of large wind turbinesPalacios, Rafael; Graham, Michael; Gonzalez Salcedo, Alvaro; National Renewable Energy Centre
Oct-2017A data-driven uncertainty quantification method for scarce data and rare eventsMontomoli, Francesco; Ahlfeld, Richard Benedikt Heinrich; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
Feb-2018Construction of optimal background fields using semidefinite programmingWynn, Andrew; Fantuzzi, Giovanni; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
Jan-2018Bio-inspired micro-structural design for CFRP: exploring damage mechanisms of nacrePinho, Silvestre; Narducci, Federico; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
Oct-2017GPU-accelerated high-order scale-resolving simulations using the flux reconstruction approachVincent, Peter; Leschziner, Michael; Ntemos, George; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
Apr-2018Boundary element methods for cohesive thermo-mechanical damage and micro-cracking evolutionAliabadi, Mohammad; Geraci, Giorgio
Mar-2017Flow structure and coherence in the wake of a lifting wing with multiscale sinusoidal cut-in trailing edge serrationsBruce, Paul, J.K.; Papadakis, George; Vassilicos, John Christos; Prigent, Simon; European Commission
Mar-2017Numerical investigation of turbulent boundary layers and their interaction with wall-attached bodiesLaizet, Sylvain; Vassilicos, John Christos; Diaz Daniel, Carlos; European Comission