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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012The Use of Honeycomb in the Design of Innovative HelmetsIannucci, Lorenzo; Galvanetto, Ugo; Caserta, Gaetano; European Commission
Oct-2017Turbulence generated by multiscale inhomogeneous and anisotropic gridsVassilicos, Christos; Graham, Mike; Bruce, Paul; Zheng, Shaokai; European Commission
Mar-2017Evolution of velocity and scalar gradients in a spatially developing turbulenceVassilicos, John Christos; Papadakis, George; Paul, Immanuvel; European Commission
Mar-2017Flow structure and coherence in the wake of a lifting wing with multiscale sinusoidal cut-in trailing edge serrationsBruce, Paul, J.K.; Papadakis, George; Vassilicos, John Christos; Prigent, Simon; European Commission
Aug-2016Mesh adaptation strategies for compressible flows using a high-order spectral/hp element discretisationPeiró, Joaquim; Ekelschot, Dirk; European Commission
Aug-2017Effect of trailing edge shape on the flow characteristics around an airfoil at low Reynolds numberPapadakis, George; Vassilicos, Christos; Thomareis, Nikitas; European Commission
Jan-2014Simulation of high-cycle fatigue-driven delamination in composites using a cohesive zone modelRobinson, Paul; Pinho, Silvestre; Kiefer, Konstanze; European Commission
May-2013Low Velocity Impact on Pre-Loaded Composite StructuresIannucci, Lorenzo; Ehrich, Fabian; European Commission
Sep-2017Flow field and mixing in stirred vessels with regular and fractal impellersPapadakis, George; Vassilicos, John Christos; Basbug, Salur; European Commission
Aug-2015Steady-state solvers for stability analysis of vortex dominated flowsCotter, Colin; Sherwin, Spencer; Jordi, Bastien; European Commission


Date Published