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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2016Modelling the effects of heterogeneity on the mechanical response of solidsTagarielli, Vito; Zacharopoulos, Panagiotis; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
Feb-2019Computational modelling of airflow and transport in the upper respiratory tractDoorly, Denis; Xiao, Qiwei
Oct-2018Effects of surface roughness on boundary layer transition in a hypersonic flowBruce, Paul; Taylor, Oliver; Engineering and Physical Sciences Council; Lockheed Martin
May-2018Design of adsorption systems by topology optimisationHewson, Robert; Roman Amigo, Ricardo Cesare; Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico; Projeto Contribuição da FAPESP à Agricultura do Estado de São Paulo
May-2019Damage identification in composite laminates and sandwich structures using ultrasonic guided waves and a 3D laser vibrometerSharif Khodaei, Zahra; Dafydd, Ifan Prys; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
Apr-2019High-order incompressible computational fluid dynamics on modern hardware architecturesVincent, Peter; Loppi, Niki Andreas; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council; BAE SYSTEMS (Firm)