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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2014Mechanics of airflow in human inhalationDoorly, Denis; Bates, Alister;
Oct-2014Shock-Induced Separation of Transitional Hypersonic Boundary LayersHillier, Richard; Vanstone, Leon;
Oct-2014Modelling of turbulent wakesMorgans, Aimee; Rigas, Georgios;
Sep-2013Analysis of compression failure in multidirectional laminatesGreenhalgh, Emile; Iannucci, Lorenzo; Tsampas, Spyridon;
Jul-2013Highly instrumented static, dynamic, and impact testing of high performance materialsIannucci, Lorenzo; Robinson, Paul; Cwik, Tomasz;
2012Modelling of Flow Dynamics and Nasal Function in Simplified Nasal AirwaysDoorly, Denis; Schroter, Robert; Lobb, Edmund G.;
May-2013Modelling and optimisation of Electro-Active Polymer (EAP) devicesMorrison, Jonathan; Iannucci, Lorenzo; Rosenblatt-Weinberg, Florence;
Jun-2013Aeromechanical performance of compliant aerofoilsPalacios Nieto, Rafael; Ganapathisubramani, Bharathram; Arbos Torrent, Sara;
2012Optimal design of morphing structuresSanter, Matthew; Rhodes, Oliver;
Mar-2014Composites with Controllable StiffnessBismarck, Alexander; Robinson, Paul; Iannucci, Lorenzo; Maples, Henry; , et al