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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2016Modelling the effects of heterogeneity on the mechanical response of solidsTagarielli, Vito; Zacharopoulos, Panagiotis;
Dec-2016Optimal manoeuvres and aeroservoelastic co-design of very flexible wingsPalacios, Rafael; Maraniello, Salvatore;
Jun-2017Computational analysis and mitigation of micro-pressure waves in high-speed train tunnelsDear, John; Smith, Roderick; Vahdati, Mehdi; Tebbutt, James Alexander; , et al
Jun-2017Feedback control of three-dimensional bluff body wakes for efficient drag reductionMorrison, Jonathan; Wynn, Andrew; Brackston, Rowan;
Apr-2017Active control of tollmien-schlichting waves in a blasius boundary layerMorrison, Jonathan; Kerrigan, Eric; VEMURI, Sh Sankarasarma;
Jan-2017Aerial aquatic locomotion with miniature robotsKovac, Mirko; Siddall, Robert James Douglas;
May-2016Three-dimensional discontinuous spectral/hp element methods for compressible flowsSherwin, Spencer; De Grazia, Daniele;
Oct-2017Carbon fibre laminates with engineered fracture behaviourPinho, Silvestre Taveira; Pimenta, Soraia; Bullegas, Gianmaria;
2009Inverse method for stiffness determination of impact damage in compositesGreenhalgh, Emile; Olsson, Robin; Sztefek, Pavel;
Jun-2014Asymptotic limit analysis for numerical models of atmospheric frontogenesisCotter, Colin; Visram, Abeed;