Impact of Human Communication in a Multi-teacher, Multi-robot Learning by Demonstration System.

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Title: Impact of Human Communication in a Multi-teacher, Multi-robot Learning by Demonstration System.
Authors: Martins, MF
Demiris, Y
Item Type: Conference Paper
Abstract: A wide range of architectures have been proposed within the areas of learning by demonstration and multi-robot coordination. These areas share a common issue: how humans and robots share information and knowledge among themselves. This paper analyses the impact of communication between human teachers during simultaneous demonstration of task execution in the novel Multi-robot Learning by Demonstration domain, using the MRLbD architecture. The performance is analysed in terms of time to task completion, as well as the quality of the multi-robot joint action plans. Participants with different levels of skills taught real robots solutions for a furniture moving task through teleoperation. The experimental results provided evidence that explicit communication between teachers does not necessarily reduce the time to complete a task, but contributes to the synchronisation of manoeuvres, thus enhancing the quality of the joint action plans generated by the MRLbD architecture.
Issue Date: 31-May-2010
Copyright Statement: © 2010 The Authors
Conference Name: AAMAS'10 Workshop on Agents Learning Interactively from Human Teachers
Conference Location: Toronto, Canada
Publication Status: Published
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Start Date: 2010-05-10
Finish Date: 2010-05-14
Conference Place: Toronto, Canada
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