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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2015Abelian profinite groups and the discontinuous isomorphism problemNikolov, Nikolay; Ivanov, Alexander; Kiehlmann, Jonathan;
Dec-2019Acoustic receptivity in compressible boundary layer flows over aerofoilsMughal, Mohammed Shahid; Ashworth, Richard; Raposo, Henrique Coxinho Tome;
Jul-2019Adaptive estimation of categorical data streams with applications in change detection and density estimationAdams, Niall; Plasse, Joshua;
Sep-2014Adaptive estimation with change detection for streaming dataAdams, Niall; Heard, Nicholas; Bodenham, Dean
Nov-2010Adaptive Regression Methods with Application to Streaming Financial DataAdams, Niall; Mijatovic, Aleksandar; Montana, Giovanni; Tsagaris, Theodoros;
Feb-2020Addressing class imbalance for logistic regressionAdams, Niall; Bellotti, Anthony; Li, Yazhe
Apr-2019Adjoint based analysis for swirling and reacting flowsSchmid, Peter; Skene, Calum Scott;
Jun-2019Adjoint-based mixing enhancement for binary fluidsSchmid, Peter; Eggl, Maximilian
Jun-2019Advanced simulation methods in econometrics and decision makingKantas, Nikolas; Marowka, MacIej Roman
Aug-2014All-scale structural analysis of biomolecules through dynamical graph partitioningBarahona, Mauricio; Yaliraki, Sophia N; Delmotte, Antoine Pierre Valere;
Sep-2018Alternative compactifications in low genus Gromov-Witten theoryManolache, Cristina; Battistella, Luca;
Sep-2015Analysing and forecasting transitions in complex systemsJensen, Henrik; Piovani, Duccio
Dec-2021Analysing excitation behaviour in event dataCohen, Edward; Adams, Niall; Shlomovich, Leigh
May-2018Analysis of linear and nonlinear dissipative systemsZegarlinski, Boguslaw; Won, Yong Sul
Jul-2021Analysis of spatial point patterns on surfacesCohen, Edward; Adams, Niall; Ward, Scott;
Jul-2015Analysis of stability and viscous-inviscid interaction in compressible boundary layersRuban, Anatoly; de Cointet, Thomas;
Dec-2013Anomaly Detection in Dynamic NetworksHeard, Nicholas; Hand, David; Turcotte, Melissa;
May-2011An Application of Malliavin Calculus to Hedging Exotic Barrier OptionsBarnett, Chris; Li, Hongyun;
May-2016Applications of almgren-pitts min-max theoryNeves, André; Sarquis Aiex Marini Ferreira, Nicolau;
Aug-2019Applications of Berkovich spacesNicaise, Johannes; Mazzon, Enrica;
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 1 to 20 of 494