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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2021A 2D atom interferometer accelerometer in the horizontal planeHinds, Edward; de Silva, Shane;
2011Ab initio studies of defect concentrations and diffusion in metal oxidesFinnis, Mike; Foulkes, Matthews; Frensch, Kilian
Sep-2014Absorption spectral imaging in the mid-infrared and its application in cancer diagnosisPhillips, Chris; Drummond, Laurence Alexander;
Jun-2020Accretion discs and planet formation around young starsMohanty, Subhanjoy; Jankovic, Marija
May-2013The action of a casual setDowker, Fay; Benincasa, Dionigi Maria Teofilo
Oct-2015Active and Merging GalaxiesWarren, Stephen; Kaviraj, Sugata; Scott, Caroline;
Nov-2019Active graphene-based hyperbolic metamaterialsHess, Ortwin; Page, Adam Freddie; Tarasenko, Illya
Aug-2016An advanced elastic-plastic contact model for the discrete element methodvan Wachem, Berend; Dini, Daniele; Hayes, Peter; Rathbone, Daniel Mark;
Jan-2016Advanced laser sources for industrial processing and remote sensingDamzen, Michael; Teppitaksak, Achaya
2012Advanced statistical methods for astrophysical probes of cosmologyTrotta, Roberto; Jaffe, Andrew; March, Marisa Cristina;
Jan-2012Advancements in Mode-Locked Fibre Lasers and Fibre SupercontinuaTaylor, James; Kelleher, Edmund J. R.
Dec-2016Advances in chiral lasers and transformation theoryMcCall, Martin W.; Topf, Rene
Oct-2017Advances In optical projection tomographyMcGinty, James; French, Paul; Watson, Thomas;
Nov-2022Advances in performance and automation of a single ytterbium ion optical clockGodun, Rachel; Thompson, Richard; Tofful, Alexandra; , et al
Jun-2014Advances in spacecraft magnetic cleanliness verifcation and magnetometer zero offset determination in anticipation of the solar orbiter missionCarr, Chris; Schwartz, Steve; Pudney, Maxsim;
May-2020Aeronomy of Mars: An observational study of the dynamic martian upper atmosphereMueller-Wodarg, Ingo; Siddle, Alexander;
Sep-2020Algebraic construction of coulomb branches in 3d n=4 quiver gauge theoriesHanany, Amihay; Miketa, Dominik;
Oct-2013All-fibre wavelength versatile short pulsed laser sourcesTaylor, James; Schmidt Castellani, Carlos Eduardo;
Aug-2016Alternative theories in quantum foundationsCoecke, Bob; Rudolph, Terry; Ranchin, Andre;
Aug-2011Ambipolar Organic Transistors for Opto-Electronic ApplicationsAnthopoulos, Thomas; Labram, John Graham