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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2009Wavelength extension in speciality fibresPopov, Sergei; Cumberland, Burly
2011X-ray Diagnostics of Relativistic Reflection Around Supermassive Black HolesNandra, Kirpal; Bhayani, Shyam
May-2021X-ray generation from and spectroscopy of a thin liquid sheetMarangos, Jonathan; Barnard, Jonathan Charles Tobit
Jul-2016Yang-Mills origin of gravitational symmetriesDuff, Michael; Anastasiou, Alexandros
Aug-2010Yangians in Integrable Field Theories, Spin Chains and Gauge-String DualitiesTseytlin, Arkady; Spill, Fabian
Mar-2022Yi-Er-San topics in network science: centrality, bicycle, tripletChristensen, Kim; Chen, Bingsheng
Jul-2009The ZEPLIN dark matter search: two phase xenon as a WIMP targetAraujo, Henrique; Smith, Nigel; Edwards, Blair Nicholas Victor;
Jan-2017The β-effect in tropical cyclones: impact on intensity and sensitivity to temperatureToumi, Ralf; Corsaro, Carlo Maria;