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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2014Terahertz sensing with spoof plasmon surfacesMaier, Stefan; Ng, Binghao
Apr-2017Testing gravity at cosmological scalesMagueijo, Joao; Lagos Urbina, Macarena Alejandra;
Mar-2019Testing lepton universality in penguin decays of beauty mesons using the LHCb detectorPatel, Mitesh; Egede, Ulrik; Humair, Thibaud;
Feb-2016Theoretical and computational studies of extreme-size dust in plasmasCoppins, Michael; Stavrou, Christos;
Sep-2017Theoretical and computational studies of magnetized dusty plasmasCoppins, Michael; Gibson, Joseph
Aug-2013Theoretical and Experimental Constraints on Modified GravityMagueijo, Joao; Mozaffari, Ali;
Sep-2014Theoretical and experimental investigation of quantum well intermediate band solar cellsEkins-Daukes, Ned J; Phillips, Chris C; Ito, Megumi;
Jul-2015Theoretical studies of charge transfer excitations, absorption, and polarisation in organic photovoltaic materialsNelson, Jenny; Few, Sheridan;
Dec-2015Theoretical studies of epitaxial graphene formation on metal surfacesVvedensky, Dimitri; Posthuma De Boer, Joel;
Apr-2009Theoretical Study of Dust in RF Discharges and Tokamak PlasmasCoppins, Michael; Bacharis, Minas
Sep-2016Theoretical study of the dissolution of copper from chalcopyriteHunt, Patricia A; Harrison, Nicholas M; Haynes, Peter; Chen, Vincent Huair-Yu; , et al
Jan-2013Theory and modelling of fast electron transport in laser-plasma interactionsKingham, Robert; Williams, Brennig Elis Rhys
Jun-2015Theory and simulation of electronic and optical properties of thin film barium strontium titanateMostofi, Arash; Tangney, Paul; Alford, Neil; Alsaei, Jawad;
Jul-2021Theory and simulation of ion drag on dust in magnetised plasmasCoppins, Michael; James, Lloyd Thomas;
Apr-2018Theory and simulation of plasma-liquid interactionsCoppins, Michael; Holgate, Joshua;
Oct-2015Theory and simulation of the charging of dust in plasmasCoppins, Michael; Thomas, Drew Mercos;
Sep-2015Theory of attosecond electron dynamics induced by strong XUV and X-ray laser fieldsAverbukh, Vitali; Ivanov, Misha; Leeuwenburgh, Jonathan;
Oct-2015Theory of charge storage in nanostructured electrodesKornyshev, Alexei; Pruessner, Gunnar; Haynes, Peter; Rochester, Christopher
Aug-2019Theory of material toughness with grain boundary oxide inclusionsSutton, Adrian Peter; Paxton, Tony; Balint, Daniel Stephen; Cimbaro, Luca
Dec-2015Theory of surface modes in structured plasmonic arraysHess, Ortwin; Pendry, John; Wood, John Jesse;