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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2015Quantifying the spatial and temporal response of UTH and OLR to deep convection over Tropical AfricaBrindley, Helen; Czaja, Arnaud; Ingram, James;
Feb-2012Quantum aspects of Pohlmeyer-reduced AdS5 x S5 superstringTseytlin, Arkady; Iwashita, Yukinori;
Mar-2010Quantum behaviour in nano-mechanical systemsTahir, Muhammed;
Jun-2018Quantum chemistry and quantum computers -- Testing the Bravyi-Kitaev mapping and Trotter order optimisationsCoveney, Peter V.; Mintert, Florian; Love, Peter J.; Tranter, Andrew;
Jan-2022Quantum coherence in trapped ionsThompson, Richard; Mintert, Florian; Corfield, Oliver
Sep-2016Quantum coins and quantum samplingRudolph, Terry; Jennings, David; Dale, Howard;
Jan-2021Quantum correlations: foundational and practical aspectsKim, Myung Shik; Paige, Alexander;
Jul-2016Quantum criticality and emergent symmetry in coupled quantum dotsLee, Derek; Hess, Ortwin; Curtin, Oliver James;
Jul-2008Quantum Dot bilayer laser diodesMurray, Raymond; Spencer, Peter David;
Sep-2013Quantum Dot Dynamics in a Bose-Einstein CondensateLee, Derek; West, Tristan;
Jul-2019Quantum dynamics of photoexcited electrons in plasmonic nanostructuresHess, Ortwin; Crai, Alexandra;
Nov-2015Quantum dynamics of small numbers of ions in a penning trapThompson, Richard; Segal, Danny; Stutter, Graham;
-Quantum information theory of entanglementKnight, Prof. Peter; Ekert, Dr. Artur; Plenio, Martin; Vedral, Vlatko;
Sep-2017Quantum interference in universal linear optical devices for quantum computation and simulationLaing, Anthony; O'Brien, Jeremy; Rudolph, Terry; Sparrow, Christopher;
Sep-2011Quantum mechanics of topological solitonsRajantie, Arttu; Weir, David J.;
Feb-2017Quantum Monte Carlo simulations of warm dense matterFoulkes, Matthew; Lee, Derek; Malone, Fionn Dara;
Sep-2017Quantum optical measurements for practical estimation and information thermodynamicsKim, Myungshik; Walmsley, Ian A; Vidrighin, Mihai-Dorian;
Mar-2020Quantum plasmonic theory of hot carriers generated in metallic nanoparticlesLischner, Johannes; Hess, Ortwin; Roman Castellanos, Lara;
Jan-2014Quantum Plasmonics: From Quantum Statistics to Quantum InterferencesMaier, Stefan; Di Martino, Giuliana;
Mar-2017Quantum properties of plasmonic waveguidesMaier, Stefan; Kim, Myungshik; Dieleman, Frederik