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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2012Particle in Cell and Hybrid Simulations of the Z Double-Post-Hole Convolute Cathode Plasma Evolution and DynamicsChittenden, Jeremy; Vickers, Simon;
Jul-2015Particle interactions in high temperature plasmasRose, Steven; Pike, Oliver;
Jun-2011Particle Rate and Host Accelerator Beam Loss on the MICE ExperimentLong, Ken; Dobbs, Adam James
Oct-2014Partition functions in superstring theory and SQCDHanany, Amihay; Thomson, Andrew;
May-2020Paths and directed acyclic graphsEvans, Timothy; Vasiliauskaite, Vaiva;
Sep-2014Patterning methods for organic electronicsJohn, de Mello; Beesley, David;
Jun-2017PEDOT:PSS-based hybrid materials for optoelectronics applicationsBradley, Donal D. C.; Stavrinou, Paul N.; Stingelin, Natalie; Occhi, Luca;
Sep-2013Performance of a tracking telescope for crystal channeling measurements and evaluation of the CMS Binary ChipHall, Geoff; Ferguson, William;
Jul-2015Performance of topological codes for quantum error correctionBrowne, Dan; Watson, Fern;
Mar-2015A permanent magnet trap for buffer gas cooled atomsTarbutt, Mike; Hinds, Edward; Nohlmans, Didier
Sep-2013Phase change in 080M40 plain carbon steel subject to plate impactProud, Bill; De'Ath, James Michael;
Mar-2017Phase transitions and linear response in strongly coupled systems: A holographic approachGauntlett, Jerome; Banks, Elliot;
Sep-2018Philosophical, theoretical and experimental propositions on wavefunction collapseBarker, Peter; Kim, Myungshik; Goldwater, Daniel;
May-2017Photo-physical Studies of Electron Acceptor Function in Organic PhotovoltaicsDurrant, James; Haque, Saif; Kim, Ji-Seon; Keiderling, Chaz
Oct-2019Photometric redshifts for future cosmological galaxy surveysHeavens, Alan; Jones, Daniel Michael;
Jan-2014Photon Coupling Effects and Advanced Characterisations of Multiple-Quantum-Well Multi-Junction Solar CellsEkins-Daukes, Nicholas; Stavrinou, Paul; Lee, Kan-Hua;
Oct-2019Photonic and electric control of single photon emission from individual quantum dotsSapienza, Riccardo; Morozov, Sergii;
Dec-2020Physical constraints from holographic dualityWiseman, Toby; Cheamsawat, Krai
Jul-2013Physics and computational simulations of plasma burn-through for tokamak start-upRose, Steven; Fundamenski, Wojciech; Kim, Hyun Tae;
Jun-2011The physics of negative refraction and transformation opticsPendry, John; Wee, Wei Hsiung;