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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2013Observation of a new particle in the search for the Standard Model Higgs boson at the CMS detectorHays, Jonathan; Davies, Gavin; Wardle, Nicholas;
2012Observations and Modelling of Total and Spectral Solar IrradianceUnruh, Yvonne; Ball, William T.
Jan-2010Observing and modelling the impact of arctic and tropical cirrus clouds on far-infrared radiance spectraHarries, John; Humpage, Neil;
Feb-2018Ocean data assimilation in the Angola BasinToumi, Ralf; Phillipson, Luke;
Oct-2018Ocean-atmosphere interactions in cyclones and their predictabilityCzaja, Arnaud; Cobb, Alison
Sep-2015Octonions and supergravityDuff, Michael; Hughes, Mia;
Dec-2011An Odyssey with complexity and network science: From the brain to social organisationChristensen, Kim; Jensen, Henrik; Expert, Paul
Oct-2017On classical and quantum moduli Spaces of supersymmetric gauge theoriesHanany, Amihay; Ferlito, Giulia;
Sep-2011On The Black Hole / Qubit CorrespondenceDuff, Michael; Rubens, William
Oct-2014On the characterisation of shock-induced sliding along multi-material interfacesEakins, Daniel; Collinson, Mark;
Nov-2022On the effect of climate change on European summer blockingNowack, Peer; Voulgarakis, Apostolos; Toumi, Ralf; Thomas, Carl Magnus;
Jan-2013On the influence of physical and chemical structure on charge transport in disordered semiconducting materials and devicesNelson, Jenny; Foster, Samuel
May-2022On the role of cold and warm sectors of synoptic systems in the atmospheric response to Sea Surface Temperature anomalies in aquaplanet simulationsCzaja, Arnaud; Hayashi, Fumi
Aug-2019On the theory and simulation of photonic condensatesNyman, Robert; Mintert, Florian; Hesten, Henry;
Nov-2018Optical and electrical measurements at the nanoscaleMaier, Stefan; Lauri, Alberto;
Sep-2013The Optical Characterisation of GrapheneCohen, Lesley F.; Maier, Stefan A.; Xiao, Ye;
Sep-2019Optical diagnostics of ultra-thin target laser-plasma interactionsNajmudin, Zulfikar; Ditter, Emma-Jane
Jun-2018Optical gain and loss in nanophotonicsMaier, Stefan A.; Hong, Minghui; Oulton, Rupert F.; Nguyen, Ngoc B.;
Aug-2018Optical near-field dynamics of active 2D semiconductorsHess, Ortwin; Phillips, Chris; Guazzotti, Stefano;
Oct-2011Optical Probing of high intensity laser propagation through plasmaNajmudin, Zulfikar; Dangor, Bucker; Rehman, Ayesha;