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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2016Idealised and regional modelling study on cyclones’ sensitivity to temperatureToumi, Ralf; Phibbs, Samuel Anthony;
Apr-2019Ignition and burn in perturbed inertial confinement fusion hotspotsChittenden, Jeremy; Tong, Jon King;
Nov-2019Imaging heterogeneous glucose metabolism during tumour proliferation and migrationSahai, Abinerik; Behrens, Axel; Dunsby, Christopher; Kondo, Hiroshi;
Mar-2014Implementation of a multinucleon neutrino interaction simulation and comparison with T2K dataWascko, Morgan; Sinclair, Peter;
Jun-2012Implementations of Fault-tolerant Quantum DevicesRudolph, Terry; Barrett, Sean; Herrera-Marti, David A.
Nov-2016Improved shot noise limit of the YbF EDM experimentSauer, Ben; Tarbutt, Mike; Rabey, Isabel;
Jun-2019In vivo high content analyses of protein-protein interactions at budding yeast kinetochores using a wide-field time-gated FLIM-based platform openFLIM-HCAThorpe, Peter; French, Paul; Dunsby, Christopher; Guo, Wenjun;
Sep-2013Including van der Waals interactions in first-principles electronic structure calculationsMostofi, Arash A.; Haynes, Peter; Andrinopoulos, Lampros;
May-2013Influence of chemical structure on molecular interactions and microstructure of organic photovoltaic materialsNelson, Jenny; Guilbert, Anne Antoinette Yvette;
May-2010Informational limits in optical polarimetry and vectorial imagingTorok, Peter; Foreman, Matthew Roy;
Sep-2014Infrared spectroscopy of multi-quantum well microcavitiesPhillips, Chris C; Murphy, Francis John;
May-2015Instability growth for magnetised liner inertial fusion seeded by electro-thermal, electro-choric and material strength effectsChittenden, Jeremy; Pecover, James;
Aug-2021Integrability and RG flow in 2d sigma modelsTseytlin, Arkady; Levine, Nathaniel;
Feb-2011An Integrated Optical-Waveguide Chip for Measurement of Cold-Atom CloudsHinds, Edward; Succo, Manuel
Jan-2013Integrated optics for coupled-cavity quantum electrodynamicsHinds, Edward; Lepert, Guillaume
Feb-2011The interaction of intense few-cycle laser pulses with nanoscale targetsSmith, Roland; Marangos, Jon; Skopalova, Eva
May-2013The interaction of oceanic jets with the midlatitude storm tracksCzaja, Arnaud; O'Reilly, Christopher Horkesley;
May-2015Interactions between vegetation and microclimate in a heterogeneous tropical landscapeToumi, Ralf; Ewers, Robert; Hardwick, Stephen Robert;
Aug-2018Interface engineering and molecular conformation control for solution processed optoelectronic devicesKim, Ji-Seon; Bradley, Donal D. C.; Hamilton, Iain;
May-2015Intermolecular charge transport in dye monolayersBarnes, Piers; Nelson, Jenny; Moia, Davide;