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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2016Fabrication and assessment of polymer based photonic structuresStingelin, Natalie; Stavrinou, Paul; Richardson, George;
Sep-2014Far infrared galaxies: star formation and AGNClements, Dave; Hyde, Ashley;
Mar-2015Far-infrared spectral radiance studies: Application to water vapour and cirrusPickering, Juliet; Fox, Cathryn;
Feb-2011Fast Calculation of the Radiative Opacity of PlasmaRose, Steve; Gaffney, James Austin
May-2018Fast ocean data assimilation and forecasting using a neural-network reduced-space regional ocean model of the north Brazil currentToumi, Ralf; Quilodrán Casas, César Andres;
Mar-2018Few-femtosecond deep-UV Pulses for transient-absorption experimentsMarangos, Jonathan; Tisch, John; Brahms, Malte Christian;
Jun-2020Fibre-based inelastic microspectroscopy - towards Brillouin endoscopyTörök, Peter; Paterson, Carl; Xiang, Yuchen;
Aug-2022Finding the needle in the haystack: 21 cm cosmology in the midst of foregroundsChapman, Emma; Pritchard, Jonathan; Hothi, Iandeep;
Jul-2021First evidence for the violation of lepton flavour universality in rare beauty-quark decaysMcCann, Michael; Patel, Mitesh; Moise, Razvan-Daniel;
Sep-2019First observation of the decay B→ppbarμν and measurement of its differential branching fractionPatel, Mitesh; Egede, Ulrik; Tilley, Matthew;
Sep-2017Five sample joint neutrino/antineutrino oscillation analysis in T2KWascko, Morgan; Ma, Wing Yan;
Oct-2021Flavour-universal search for heavy neutral leptons with a deep neural network-based displaced jet tagger with the CMS experimentTapper, Alexander; Cepaitis, Vilius;
Sep-2016Flow synthesis of silver nanowiresde Mello, John; Heeney, Martin; Stavrinou, Paul; Phillips, Thomas William;
Oct-2018Fluid flow and drag in polydisperse granular materials subject to laminar seepage flowO'Sullivan, Catherine; van Wachem, Berend; Dini, Daniele; Haynes, Peter; Knight, Christopher, et al
Mar-2022Flux ropes at the earth’s magnetopause: an investigation with the magnetospheric multiscale missionEastwood, Jonathan; Robertson, Sadie L.
Mar-2019The form and interpretation of the decoherence functionalDowker, Fay; Wilkes, Henry Luka;
Mar-2014Formation and dynamics of structural defects in ion chainsPlenio, Martin; Nigmatullin, Ramil;
Oct-2014The foundations of superposition and its use in quantum walks on complex networksRudolph, Terry; Barrett, Jonathan; Lewis, Peter
Dec-2020Frequency multiplexing of heralded single photon sourcesKolthammer, William Steven; Walmsley, Ian; Kim, Myung Shik; Parker, Thomas; , et al
Sep-2016From thermodynamics to thermometry with single-atom devicesJaksch, Dieter; Plenio, Martin; Mitchison, Mark