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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2016Dark matter searches and study of electrode design in LUX and LZAra├║jo, Henrique; Bailey, Adam;
Mar-2013Data analysis and modelling for observations of polarisation of the microwave skyContaldi, Carlo; Clark, Caroline Natasha;
Feb-2020Deep laser cooling and coherent control of moleculesTarbutt, Michael; Sauer, Ben; Caldwell, Luke;
Sep-2013Defects in topologically ordered lattice modelsKim, Myungshik Jr; Vedral, Vlatko Jr; Brown, Benjamin James;
Aug-2013Degradation of complex hybrid propellantsProud, William; Vine, Tracey; Tunnell, Ruth;
Aug-2010Design and Characterisation of Blue Polymer LasersBradley, Donal D. C.; Wellinger, Thomas
Jul-2018The design and synthesis of small molecules, oligomers and polymers for singlet fission applications.Heeney, Martin; Bradley, Donal; Oxborrow, Mark; Alford, Neil; Andrews, Iain Baird, et al
Nov-2012Detecting Atoms with Integrated Optics and Frequency-Synthesised LightHinds, Edward; Kohnen, Matthias
May-2016Determination of the quark coupling strength |Vub| using baryonic decaysEgede, Ulrik; Sutcliffe, William;
Aug-2021Determining the basic properties of a new particle detector concept for the T2K experiment and implementing the T2K calculation for a three-neutrino global fit with GAMBITUchida, Yoshiyuki; Shorrock, Wilf;
Feb-2017Developing and evaluating a global model for landscape firesVoulgarakis, Apostolos; Toumi, Ralf; Mangeon, Stephane;
Jul-2021Developing and exploiting automated methods to estimate spectrally resolved direct normal irradiance for multi-junction concentrator photovoltaic applicationsBrindley, Helen; Choi, Tsz Hei;
Jan-2019Developing and using optimal control methods for experimental robustnessMintert, Florian; Brebner, Gregoire Xavier;
2012Developing endoscopic instrumentation and techniques for in vivo fluorescence lifetime imaging and spectroscopyDunsby, Christopher; French, Paul; Neil, Mark; Elson, Dan; Thompson, Alexander James, et al
Oct-2012Developing Structural Probes for Designed Molecular ArchitecturesKim, Ji-Seon; James, David Thomas;
May-2017Development and application of first-principles methods for complex oxide surfaces and interfacesMostofi, Arash; Tangney, Paul; Greco, Andrea;
Mar-2018Development and application of fluorescence lifetime imaging and super-resolution microscopyFrench, Paul; Neil, Mark; Dunsby, Christopher; Gorlitz, Frederik;
Apr-2014Development and application of multiplexed fluorescence imaging to chemotaxis signalling pathwaysFrench, Paul; Katan, Matilda; Ces, Oscar; Neil, Mark; Warren, Sean, et al
Jun-2015Development and biomedical application of fluorescence lifetime imaging endoscopesFrench, Paul; Dunsby, Chris; Sparks, Hugh;
Nov-2022Development and mechanical characterisation of additively manufactured lattice structuresProud, William; Khan, Mansoor; Lee, James Jiyung;