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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2014Calculating derivatives within quantum Monte CarloFoulkes, Matthew; Spencer, James; Haynes, Peter; Poole, Thomas
Oct-2015The calculation of solid-liquid interface free energies from biased atomistic simulationsFinnis, Michael; Tsang, Man Hong;
Jun-2015The carbon mitigation potential of emerging photovoltaic technologyNelson, Jenny; Ekins-Daukes, Nicholas; Emmott, Christopher John MacKay;
Sep-2017Causal structure and quantum gravityDowker, Fay; Jubb, Ian
Apr-2017Causal structure in networksEvans, Tim; Christensen, Kim; Clough, James;
May-2015Chain conformation and the photophysics of polyfluorenesBradley, Donal; Stavrinou, Paul; Smith, Paul; Perevedentsev, Aleksandr
Jan-2012A Change is as Good as a Test: Observational Tests of Extensions to the Concordance Cosmological ModelContaldi, Carlo; Thomas, Daniel
Mar-2009Characterisation and Calibration of ZEPLIN III - A Dark Matter DetectorSumner, Timothy; Thorne, Claire;
Jul-2022Characterisation and control of trapped-ion qubitThompson, Richard; Lee, Chungsun
Mar-2016The characterisation of a shock tube system for blast injury studiesProud, William; Nguyen, Thuy-Tien;
May-2015Characterisation of monolithic tandem solar cells containing strain balanced quantum well sub-cellsBarnham, Keith; Ioannides, Andreas
Sep-2016Characterisation of self-guided laser wakefield accelerators to multi-GeV energiesNajmudin, Zulfikar; Poder, Kristjan
Apr-2018Characterisation of the MICE experimentColling, David; Middleton, Sophie Charlotte;
Mar-2022Characterising & classifying the local population of ultracool dwarfs with Gaia DR2 and EDR3Warren, Stephen; Laithwaite, Richard C.;
May-2014Characterization of particle dark matter via multiple probesTrotta, Roberto; Strege, Charlotte;
Mar-2017Charge generation and recombination in organic photovoltaicsNelson, Jenny; Vezie, Michelle Southgate;
Oct-2014Charge injection and transport in organic semiconductorsCampbell, Alasdair; McCulloch, Iain; Logan, Stephen Michael;
2011The Charge Management System for LISA and LISA PathfinderSumner, Timothy; Hollington, Daniel
Aug-2015Charge transport, injection and optical properties of fluorene based copolymersBradley, Donal; McCulloch, Iain; Heeney, Martin; Chaudhary, Mohammad Yaqub;
Mar-2012Chiral supergravitiesStelle, Kellogg; Pugh, Tom;