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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2020B-spline ADC multi-electron theory for dynamical electronic systems in strong laser fieldsAverbukh, Vitali; Kissin, Yoel;
Aug-2015B-spline ADC: many-body ab initio theory for electron dynamics in strong laser fieldsAverbukh, Vitali; Ivanov, Misha; Ruberti, Marco
Mar-2017Bandgap states in solution-processed semiconductorsAnthopoulos, Thomas; Mottram, Alexander David;
May-2018Barium titanate: photophysics, photocatalysis & the influence of the ferroelectric effectDurrant, James; Kim, Ji-Seon; Morris, Madeleine Rachel; , et al
Jan-2015The barrier layer and ocean colour in the Amazon and Orinoco plume: Competing for the oceanic control on tropical cyclone intensityToumi, Ralf; Newinger, Christina;
Jul-2016Bayesian analysis of weak gravitational lensingHeavens, Alan; Jaffe, Andrew; Alsing, Justin
Jun-2016Bayesian methods for the analysis of ultra-high-energy cosmic raysMortlock, Daniel; Khanin, Alexander;
Sep-2010Bessel beams: a novel approach to periodic structuresMcCall, Martin; Grace, Edward; Norfolk, Andrew W. G.
Sep-2016Betatron radiation from laser wakefield accelerators and its applicationsNajmudin, Zulfikar; Wood, Jonathan;
Sep-2014Bimolecular Triplet-Triplet Annihilation Upconversion for PhotovoltaicsEkins-Daukes, Ned; Haque, Saif; Piper, Roland;
Oct-2009Binning of the primordial power spectrum and optimal galaxy survey designJaffe, Andrew; Paykari, Paniez
May-2018The blue-detuned magneto-optical trapTarbutt, Mike; Sauer, Ben; Jarvis, Kyle
Oct-2017Bose-Einstein condensation of photonsNyman, Robert; Hinds, Edward; Marelic, Jakov;
Jun-2021Bow shock interaction experiments in a magnetised collisional plasmaLebedev, Sergey; Russell, Daniel Robert
May-2013Brane Tilings and Quiver Gauge TheoriesHanany, Amihay; Seong, Rak-Kyeong
Aug-2011Brane Tilings, M2-branes and OrbifoldsHanany, Amihay; Davey, John Paul
Aug-2019Branes and the vacuum structure of supersymmetric gauge theoriesHanany, Amihay; Cabrera Marquez, Santiago;
Feb-2015Brillouin Scattering Microscopy for Mechanical ImagingTörök, Peter; Paterson, Carl; Antonacci, Giuseppe;
Jul-2014Brown dwarfs and rare objects in UKIDSSWarren, Stephen; Skrzypek, Nathalie;
Feb-2021Buffer gas cooling and mid-infrared spectroscopy of polyatomic moleculesTarbutt, Michael; Cotter, Joseph; Bieniewska, Julia;