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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2020An ultracold molecular beam for measuring the electric dipole moment of the electronTarbutt, Michael; Sauer, Benjamin; Lim, Jongseok; Trigatzis, Michael Alexander;
Sep-2013Ultrafast Dynamics of Relativistic Laser Plasma InteractionsNajmudin, Zulfikar; Streeter, Matthew;
Mar-2015Ultrafast light sources and methods for attosecond pump-probe experimentsTisch, John; Marangos, Jon; Fabris, Davide;
Mar-2014Ultrafast measurements in condensed matterTisch, John; Marangos, Jon; Okell, William;
Sep-2019Ultrafast measurements in condensed phase systemsTisch, John; Marangos, Jonathan; Greening, Daniel Benjamin
Apr-2017Ultrafast measurements using x-ray free-electron lasersMarangos, Jon; Sanchez Gonzalez, Alvaro;
Oct-2013An ultrafast optical parametric laser for driving high energy density scienceSmith, Roland; Rose, Steven; Mecseki, Katalin
Feb-2016Understanding morphology and photo- stability of organic solar cells via advanced structural probesKim, Ji-Seon; Razzell Hollis, Joseph;
Apr-2015Understanding open quantum systems with coupled harmonic oscillatorsKim, Myungshik; Venkataraman, Vignesh;
May-2021Understanding the effect of precipitates in zirconium alloys: a discrete dislocation plasticity studySutton, Adrian; Balint, Daniel; Wenman, Mark; Reali, Luca; , et al
Aug-2015Understanding the first stars and galaxies with observations of the 21-cm line of hydrogenPritchard, Jonathan; Jaffe, Andrew; Watkinson, Catherine Allin;
Jan-2014Understanding the structure/property/processing inter-relationships in organic semiconducting blendsStingelin, Natalie; Anthopoulos, Thomas; Westacott, Paul;
Jan-2021Understanding tropical cyclones using machine learning with satellite imageryToumi, Ralf; Smith, Mohan;
Aug-2009Upstream Transients at Planetary Bow ShocksSchwartz, Steven; Billingham, Laurence;
-The use of bispectrum and other higher order statistics in the analysis of one dimensional signalsDainty, Professor Chris; Williams, Mark Lawrence
Oct-2021The use of pulsed power driven underwater electrical wire explosions for high velocity flyer plate accelerationBland, Simon; Theocharous, Savva;
Feb-2014Using Rare Decays to Probe the Standard Model at LHCbGolutvin, Andrei; Sepp, Indrek
Apr-2016A UV assisted methodology for functional oxide film formation from small moleculesHeutz, Sandrine; de Mello, John; Stavrinou, Paul; Bhamrah Harley, Jasvir Kaur;
Dec-2011V0 production ratios at LHCb and the alignment of its RICH detectorsEgede, Ulrik; Blanks, Christopher George;
Mar-2022Vacuum energy in (2+1)-dimensional quantum field theory on curved spacesWiseman, Toby; Wallis, Lucas Samuel;