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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2020Quantum plasmonic theory of hot carriers generated in metallic nanoparticlesLischner, Johannes; Hess, Ortwin; Roman Castellanos, Lara;
Jan-2014Quantum Plasmonics: From Quantum Statistics to Quantum InterferencesMaier, Stefan; Di Martino, Giuliana;
Mar-2017Quantum properties of plasmonic waveguidesMaier, Stefan; Kim, Myungshik; Dieleman, Frederik
Sep-2017Quantum ratchet intermediate band solar cellsPhillips, Chris; Ekins-Daukes, Ned; Vaquero-Stainer, Anthony Ross;
Aug-2016Quantum steering ellipsoidsJennings, David; Rudolph, Terry; Milne, Antony;
Oct-2017Quantum superposition on nano-mechanical oscillatorKim, Myungshik; Wan, Chuanqi;
Jun-2014Quantum theory of light and dispersion forces in non-reciprocal and bianisotropic mediaScheel, Stefan; Segal, Daniel; Butcher, David;
Oct-2018Quantum thermodynamics in the strong coupling regimeNazir, Ahsan; Mintert, Florian; Newman, David;
Jul-2017Quantumness in optomechanicsMintert, Florian; Latmiral, Ludovico
Apr-2013Radiation effects in optical link components for future particle physics detectorsHall, Geoffrey; Stejskal, Pavel
Mar-2017Radiation-hydrodynamic simulations of the impact of instabilities and asymmetries on inertial confinement fusionChittenden, Jeremy; McGlinchey, Kristopher;
Jun-2011Radiative decays of B mesons at LHCbCameron, Bill; Golutvin, Andrei; Egede, Ulrik; Dornan, Peter; Soomro, Fatima, et al
Dec-2021Random scattering of surface plasmons for sensing and trackingForeman, Matthew; Paterson, Carl; Berk, Joel Andrew;
May-2012Raytrace simulations and experimental studies of luminescent solar concentratorsBarnham, Keith; Chatten, Amanda; Bose, Rahul
Mar-2017Realisation of a hot carrier photovoltaic cellEkins-Daukes, Nicholas; Stavrinou, Paul; Palles-Dimmock, James Andrew Robert;
Sep-2012Recent advances in classical electromagnetic theoryMcCall, Martin; Favaro, Alberto;
Jul-2020Recent changes in ocean tracers and their implications for ocean circulationGraven, Heather; Lester, Joanna Gorham;
Sep-2011Reconstruction of neutrino induced neutral current neutral pion events with the T2K ND280 Tracker and ECALWascko, Morgan; Guzowski, Pawel
Dec-2017Reducing uncertainty in climate prediction: enhancing the science case for TRUTHSBrindley, Helen; Green, Paul; Seales, Amy;
Sep-2019Refractive index tomography using spherical optical transmissionPaterson, Carl; Maxwell, Jack Hoggarth;