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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2018Probing qubit memory errors at the 10^−5 levelLucas, David; Thompson, Richard; Segal, Danny; Tarlton, James Edward;
Sep-2019Probing the formation of polarons in organic semiconductors and their optoelectronic propertiesKim, Ji-Seon; Nightingale, James;
Nov-2014Probing the response of quantum plasmonic systems: from the macroscopic to the microscopicKim, Myungshik; Maier, Stefan; McEnery, Kyle;
Aug-2017A process theoretic triptych: two roads to the emergence of classicality, reconstructing quantum theory from diagrams, looking for post-quantum theoriesCoecke, Bob; Rudolph, Terence; Selby, John Harry;
Jul-2013Processes driving non-Maxwellian distributions in high energy density plasmasRose, Steve; Sherlock, Mark; Turrell, Arthur Edward;
Apr-2018Producing, trapping and controlling ultracold CaF moleculesTarbutt, Michael; Sauer, Ben; Williams, Hannah Jane;
Dec-2013Production and Oscillations of a Bose Einstein Condensate on an Atom ChipHinds, Edward; Yuen, Benjamin;
Oct-2014Progress at the Intensity frontier on neutrino-nucleus interaction cross sections and muon ionization coolingLong, Kenneth; Perdigão dos Santos, Edward Kevin;
Jul-2015Progress towards a more sensitive measurement of the electron electric dipole moment with YbFHinds, Ed; Hudson, Jony; Devlin, Jack Alexander;
Sep-2017Progress towards a source of cold, slow molecules for tests of fundamental physicsTarbutt, Mike; Hinds, Edward; Bumby, James;
Aug-2016Progress towards laser cooling of BH moleculesTarbutt, Michael; Sauer, Ben; Holland, Darren;
Apr-2014Properties of the Higgs-like state around 125 GeV in its decay into two photons at the CMS experimentDauncey, Paul; Kenzie, Matthew;
May-2021The pulsating magnetosphere at JupiterMasters, Adam; Manners, Harry Arthur;
Sep-2015Quantifying the spatial and temporal response of UTH and OLR to deep convection over Tropical AfricaBrindley, Helen; Czaja, Arnaud; Ingram, James;
Feb-2012Quantum aspects of Pohlmeyer-reduced AdS5 x S5 superstringTseytlin, Arkady; Iwashita, Yukinori;
Mar-2010Quantum behaviour in nano-mechanical systemsTahir, Muhammed;
Jun-2018Quantum chemistry and quantum computers -- Testing the Bravyi-Kitaev mapping and Trotter order optimisationsCoveney, Peter V.; Mintert, Florian; Love, Peter J.; Tranter, Andrew;
Sep-2016Quantum coins and quantum samplingRudolph, Terry; Jennings, David; Dale, Howard;
Jan-2021Quantum correlations: foundational and practical aspectsKim, Myung Shik; Paige, Alexander;
Jul-2016Quantum criticality and emergent symmetry in coupled quantum dotsLee, Derek; Hess, Ortwin; Curtin, Oliver James;