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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2016Magnetocaloric properties of La(Fe,Si)13 compoundsCohen, Lesley; Caplin, David; Lovell, Edmund;
Oct-2016Magnetoelastic coupling and tricritical metamagnetismSandeman, Karl G.; Cohen, Lesley F.; Baumfeld, Oliver Lukas;
Feb-2009Magnetohydrodynamic Modelling of Supersonic Jets and Colliding Blast Waves for Laboratory Astrophysics InvestigationMarocchino, Alberto
Oct-2014Magnetotransport experiments in the ferropnictidesBranford, William; Cohen, Lesley; Moseley, Dominic;
Sep-2019Magnetotransport in spin materialsBranford, William; Cohen, Lesley; Sharma, Elysia;
May-2009Manipulation of Ca+ Ions in Penning TrapsSegal, Daniel; Crick, Daniel R;
Jun-2020Mapping the gravitational-wave backgroundContaldi, Carlo; Renzini, Arianna
Mar-2013Massless preheating with full Einstein gravityRajantie, Arttu; Szmigiel, Mariusz
2012Measurement and analysis of local urban CO2 emissionsToumi, Ralf; Sparks, Nathan;
Sep-2014Measurement and manipulation of ultracold bosons using microfabricated opticsHinds, Edward; Garvie-Cook, James;
Mar-2014Measurement of branching fractions, isospin asymmetries and angular observables in exclusive electroweak penguin decaysEgede, Ulrik; Owen, Patrick;
Aug-2021Measurement of Higgs boson properties using the diphoton decay channel at the Compact Muon Solenoid experimentDavies, Gavin; Dauncey, Paul; Bonomally, Shameena
Jun-2017Measurement of lead-target neutrino interactions using the whole T2K near detectorUchida, Yoshi; Pickering, Luke;
Sep-2015Measurement of the charged current inclusive muon neutrino interaction cross-section on lead using the T2K ND280 electromagnetic calorimetersUchida, Yoshi; Brailsford, Dominic;
-Measurement of the charm contribution to the proton structure function at HERAMiller, Dr. Don; Sideris, Dimitrios Georgiou
May-2012Measurement of the decay B0s→Øμ+μ- at LHCbGolutvin, Andrey; Schaack, Paul Nicholas
Apr-2013Measurement of the electron charge asymmetry in inclusive W production in pp collisions at √s = 7 TeV in the CMS experiment.Virdee, Tejinder; Jarvis, Martyn;
Mar-2014Measurement of the electron neutrino charged-current inclusive cross-section on carbon using the T2K near detectorUchida, Yoshi; Smith, Benjamin Mark;
2012Measurement of the Polarisation of the W Boson and Application to Supersymmetry Searches at the Large Hadron ColliderVirdee, Tejinder; Tapper, Alexander; Sparrow, Alexander
Jan-2011Measurement of the W → ev cross section with early data from the CMS experiment at CERNSeez, Christopher; Futyan, David; Rompotis, Nikolaos;