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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2015Investigations of high harmonic generation in laser induced ablation plumesTisch, John; Abdelrahman, Zara
Jan-2009Investigations of the MAST SOL using the reciprocating probe systemCoppins, Michael; Tallents, Sebastian;
Sep-2015Ion beams accelerated by laser irradiation of thin foils and their applicationsNajmudin, Zulfikar; Hicks, George;
Sep-2014Ion channelling and electronic excitations in siliconFoulkes, Matthew; Horsfield, Andrew; Lim, Anthony Craig;
Mar-2012Ionisation Cooling Lattices for the Neutrino FactoryPasternak, Jaroslaw; Alekou, Androula
Dec-2018Irreversibility and symmetry principles in quantum informationJennings, David; Rudolph, Terry; Cirstoiu, Cristina
Apr-2020Irreversibility, coherence and quantum fluctuation theoremsJennings, David; Mintert, Florian; Hinds Mingo, Erick Benjamin;
Aug-2013Is quantum steering spooky?Rudolph, Terry; Pusey, Matthew Fairbairn
Oct-2020Iter geometria - vacuum moduli spaces of supersymmetric quiver gauge theories with 8 superchargesHanany, Amihay; Zajac, Anton
Apr-2014The Kelvin - Helmholtz instability on the Kronian magnetopauseLucek, Elizabeth; Dougherty, Michele; Cutler, Jack;
Aug-2018Kinetic magnetised transport in ablating laser-produced plasmasKingham, Robert; Hill, Dominic;
Mar-2019Kinetic modelling of the plasma environment around GanymedeGaland, Marina; Carnielli, Gianluca
Jun-2014Kinetic study of the source-collector sheath system and its application on the charging of large dust grains.Coppins, Michael; Rizopoulou, Nikoleta;
Mar-2020Laboratory and numerical studies of gas escape through early time casing fracturesProud, William; Hoing, Craig Andrew;
Oct-2012Land–Boundary Layer–Sea Interactions in the Middle EastToumi, Ralf; Giannakopoulou, Evangelia Maria;
Aug-2013Large consequences of quantum coherence in small systemsRudolph, Terry; Jevtic, Sania;
May-2015Large-area flexible electronics based on low-temperature solution-processed oxide semiconductorsAnthopoulos, Thomas; Lin, Yen-Hung
Apr-2021The large-scale structure of the Saturnian magnetosphereDougherty, Michele; Masters, Adam; Staniland, Ned;
Oct-2008Large-scale structures from infrared surveysRowan-Robinson, Michael; Wang, Lingyu;
Oct-2011Laser Based Mid-Infrared Spectroscopic Imaging – Exploring a Novel Method for Application in Cancer DiagnosisPhillips, Chris; McCrow, Andrew