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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2015Interactions between vegetation and microclimate in a heterogeneous tropical landscapeToumi, Ralf; Ewers, Robert; Hardwick, Stephen Robert;
Aug-2018Interface engineering and molecular conformation control for solution processed optoelectronic devicesKim, Ji-Seon; Bradley, Donal D. C.; Hamilton, Iain;
May-2015Intermolecular charge transport in dye monolayersBarnes, Piers; Nelson, Jenny; Moia, Davide;
Feb-2013Investigating inhomogeneous FM at SC/FM interfaces using point-contact Andreev spectroscopyCohen, Lesley; Usman, Irham Tri Muharram
Sep-2015Investigating spatio-temporal dynamics of non-linear dispersive nano-plasmonics with advanced time-domain simulation methodsHess, Ortwin; Renn-Giles, Fabian
May-2021Investigating temporally variable magnetospheric dynamics at SaturnDougherty, Michele; Agiwal, Omakshi;
May-2015Investigating the dynamics of a Bose Einstein condensate on an atom chipHinds, Ed; Barr, Iain;
Jan-2009Investigating the Operating Mechanisms of Polymer Light Emitting DiodesBradley, Donal; de Mello, John; Jin, Rui
2011Investigating the Relationship between Environment and Active Galactic Nuclei activity at High RedshiftNandra, Kirpal; Jaffe, Andrew; Digby-North, Jonathan A
Sep-2020An Investigation into supersymmetric flux backgrounds and their moduli via generalised geometryWaldram, Daniel; Tennyson, David;
Nov-2019An investigation into the effects of resonant acoustic mixing on energetic materialsProud, William; Homan, Jordan;
Aug-2012An Investigation of Cylindrical Liner Z-pinches as Drivers for Converging Strong Shock ExperimentsLebedev, Sergey; Burdiak, Guy Christopher
Jun-2018Investigation of luminescent zinc and copper complexes as emitters in organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs)Bradley, Donal; Heeney, Martin; Romain, Charles; Marafie, Jameel;
Sep-2016Investigation of material and device properties of GaAsSbN for multi-junction solar cell applicationsEkins-Daukes, Nicholas; Thomas, Tomos Daniel
Jan-2010Investigation of photoelectrons from molecules in a strong fieldMarangos, Jonathan; Darios, Delphine
Nov-2019Investigation of solar cells and phototransistors based on hybrid copper (I) thiocyanate: methanofullerene materialsAnthopoulos, Thomas; Nelson, Jenny; Sit, Wai Yu
Dec-2013Investigation of the effects of high pressure pulses on biological samplesProud, William; Bo, Chiara
Oct-2015Investigations of high harmonic generation in laser induced ablation plumesTisch, John; Abdelrahman, Zara
Jan-2009Investigations of the MAST SOL using the reciprocating probe systemCoppins, Michael; Tallents, Sebastian;
Sep-2015Ion beams accelerated by laser irradiation of thin foils and their applicationsNajmudin, Zulfikar; Hicks, George;