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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2016High precision track reconstruction and first emittance measurements in the MICE step IV cooling channelPasternak, Jaroslaw; Hunt, Christopher
Jan-2017High redshift quasars and the epoch of reionizationWarren, Stephen; Barnett, Rhys
Nov-2015High-fidelity entanglement of trapped ions using long-wavelength radiationKim, Myungshik; Randall, Joseph Aidan Delf;
May-2019High-fidelity quantum logic on trapped ions with microwave radiationHensinger, Winfried; Mintert, Florian; Lawrence, Adam
Oct-2018High-frequency dynamics in artificial spin iceBranford, Will; Cohen, Lesley; Arroo, Daan Medard;
Sep-2014High-intensity laser interactions with optically levitated liquid microdropletsSmith, Roland; Price, Christopher;
Aug-2013High-order harmonic generation in laser ablation plumesFrasinski, Leszek; Marangos, Jon; Hutchison, Christopher
Jul-2011High-performance Zinc Oxide Thin-Film Transistors For Large Area ElectronicsAnthopoulos, Thomas; Bradley, Donal; Bashir, Aneeqa;
Jul-2013High-Power Laser Systems for Driving and Probing High Energy Density Physics ExperimentsSmith, Roland; Patankar, Siddharth;
May-2011High-resolution retinal imaging with a compact adaptive optics ophthalmoscopePaterson, Carl; Kepiro, Ibolya Edit;
Oct-2016High-speed 3-D fluorescence imaging by oblique plane microscopy: multi-well plate-reader development, biological applications and image analysisDunsby, Chris; McGinty, James; French, Paul; Maioli, Vincent Albert;
Mar-2016High-throughput large-area plastic nanoelectronicsAnthopoulos, Thomas; Semple, James
May-2012Highly Localised Surface Plasmon Polaritons in Active Metallo-organic Multilayer StructuresStavrinou, Paul; Bradley, Donal; Maier, Stefan; Yoon, Hong
Mar-2020Hot carrier optoelectronic phenomena in van der Waals heterostructuresOulton, Rupert; Linardy, Eric;
Feb-2019Hot-carriers and losses in plasmonic nanostructuresMaier, Stefan; Emiliano, Cortés; Brick, Thomas;
Jan-2019Hubbard-like hamiltonians for interacting electrons in s, p and d orbitalsHorsfield, Andrew; Foulkes, Matthew; Coury, Marc; , et al
Jul-2015Hybrid organic/inorganic micro-pixellated light-emitting devices based on the optical pumping of organic polymer gain mediaBradley, Donal; Stavrinou, Paul; Andersen, Diego;
Sep-2013Hyperbolic braneworld backgrounds in supergravityKellogg, Stelle; Crampton, Benedict;
Feb-2016Idealised and regional modelling study on cyclones’ sensitivity to temperatureToumi, Ralf; Phibbs, Samuel Anthony;
Apr-2019Ignition and burn in perturbed inertial confinement fusion hotspotsChittenden, Jeremy; Tong, Jon King;