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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2017Graphene based plasmonic photodetectionMaier, Stefan; Cohen, Lesley; Oulton, Rupert; Shautsova, Viktoryia;
Dec-2018Graphene optical and microwave molecular sensing platformsCohen, Lesley; Maier, Stefan; Black, Nicola Charlotte;
May-2019Graphene plasmon cavitiesMaier, Stefan A.; Giannini, Vincenzo; Xiao, Xiaofei;
2011Gravure Printed and Solution-Processed Polymer Semiconductor DevicesCampbell, Alasdair; Chung, Dae-Young
May-2018Ground state cooling of the radial motion of a single ion in a penning trap and coherent manipulation of small numbers of ionsThompson, Richard; Hrmo, Pavel;
Dec-2016Group symmetries and the moduli space structures of SUSY quiver gauge theoriesHanany, Amihay; Kalveks, Rudolph
Sep-2020Guided self-assembly on the nanoscaleMaier, Stefan; Cortes, Emiliano; Sapienza, Riccardo; Walker, Harriet Amelia
Feb-2018A hardware track-trigger for CMS at the High Luminosity LHCHall, Geoffrey; James, Tom;
Mar-2017High energy density magnetic reconnection experiments in colliding carbon plasma flowsLebedev, Sergey; Hare, Jack Davies;
Jul-2013High energy density physics in cluster mediaSmith, Roland; Olsson Robbie, Stefan Ian
Mar-2019High harmonic generation driven by few-cycle infrared fields in gases and liquidsMarangos, Jon; Tisch, John; Jarosch, Sebastian;
May-2017High harmonic generation from combined femtosecond laser fieldsZair, Amelle; Marangos, Jon; Holzner, Konstantin Benno
Jun-2016High harmonic generation in periodic systemsIvanov, Misha; Marangos, Jon; Hawkins, Peter
Sep-2011High Harmonic Generation Using Multicolour FieldsMarangos, Jonathan; Ivanov, Misha; Hoffmann, David
Oct-2019High mobility organic semiconductors for microelectronic applicationsAnthopoulos, Thomas; Heeney, Martin; Sparrowe, David; Skabara, Peter; Panidi, Ioulianna, et al
Mar-2010High numerical aperture Mueller matrix polarimetry and applications to multiplexed optical data storageTorok, Peter; Macias Romero, Carlos Alberto;
Sep-2011High power modelocking using a nonlinear mirrorDamzen, Michael; Thomas, Gabrielle Marie
Sep-2016High precision track reconstruction and first emittance measurements in the MICE step IV cooling channelPasternak, Jaroslaw; Hunt, Christopher
Jan-2017High redshift quasars and the epoch of reionizationWarren, Stephen; Barnett, Rhys
Nov-2015High-fidelity entanglement of trapped ions using long-wavelength radiationKim, Myungshik; Randall, Joseph Aidan Delf;